Dancing With The Stars Judge Bruno Tonioli Writes About Thailand And Tsunami

Dancing With The Stars judge Bruno Tonioli has written up a touching article in the Daily Mail on his trips and love for the country of Thailand. I didn’t realize (or I had forgotten) how Bruno was on holiday there in 2004 when the devastating tsunami hit. As soon as the tsunami hit, holidaymakers urged everyone including Bruno to leave the country but, he refused. He wrote…

In my opinion, Thailand absolutely depended on the income from tourists – we provide the livelihood for all the small restaurants and shops. If tourists had turned their back on them at that time, it could only have made matters worse.

By the time I got to Krabi, much of the town had been cleaned up and everything was fine – except that the place had been deserted by tourists. The people in the restaurants and shops who thanked me for choosing to stay were crying with gratitude.

That visit deepened a special bond with the country that brings me back again and again. The Thai people are so warm and kind – they offer such fantastic service. And the value for money you get in Thailand far exceeds what you find these days in the Maldives or in the Caribbean.

Read more of Bruno’s personal account and how the country and people have recovered >>>>>HERE. It’s a great write-up with some beautiful pictures posted to go with it. It’s nice to see Bruno in such a caring light (versus how harshly he can judge sometimes on Dancing With The Stars) while promoting people to travel to Thailand again to vacation.