Rob Kardashian Dishes On Dancing With The Stars & To Host New Years Eve Party

Rob Kardashian will be hosting his own New Year’s Eve Party in Las Vegas for those living in the area (John? 🙂 ) at the Tyrst Night Club. Leading up to the event, the Las Vegas Sun interviewed him. Did you know Rob knew Cheryl before he danced on the show? He talks of it below as well as his journey for when the competitive side of himself started kicking in….

The Kats Report: In watching you dance on the show, it seems you got along particularly well with Cheryl Burke.
Rob Kardashian: Oh, yeah. I knew her from before. I had some friends who have done the show, so it wasn’t at all an awkward experience. It was really very comfortable, and, for me, that’s everything, to feel comfortable in what I’m doing in front of so many people. She’s a great girl.

TKR: Had you watched the show very much before you were asked to be on it?
RK: No. Never.

TKR: What were your expectations when you started considering taking part?
RK: I just really didn’t care (laughs), that was my whole thing, just to have fun with everything, and I did, because it is a show, and it’s a fun performance. But at the end of the day, it also is a competition. I started to take it seriously, but mostly I just wanted to have fun with everything.

TKR: At what point did your competitive nature kick in?
RK: I started to begin to realize that I actually can do this as the weeks moved forward, like maybe by Week 5 or Week 6, when I did my tango. That’s when I actually realized that I could actually do this, and that’s when the competitive nature kicked in … the tango is tough, but I really enjoyed it.

TKR: Were you genuinely disappointed not to have won the championship.
RK: I feel I went as far as I could have gone. I would have loved to have won, obviously, but J.R. definitely deserved it. I did the best I could do and ended with a perfect score, when coming into it I never would have imagined myself even making it to the finals.

Great interview! Lots more including his New Years Eve resolutions at the Las Vegas Sun.