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September 2, 2009 I Written By

Better known as Charlie.

Twitter Round-Up

Hello all! I did a quick round-up of what the stars and pros are tweeting. There are a lot of cool pictures and gives us some insight on how great the first shows are going to be. (Just a note that the only editing to the posts is censoring any obscenities)

Tom Bergeron

Reading tweets from some of our season 9 cast. They’re all hard at work. I don’t start for two weeks. Makes me almost feel guilty. Almost.

   *Looks like us fans aren’t the only ones interested in what this season’s cast is tweeting.

Joanna Krupa

couldnt sleep cause i am sore from head to toe…long day of rehearsals yesterday. taking my aleve now

had a great salsa lesson by my kick a** partner! he rocks…now need to tan!

   *Should I tell her that Advil works better? I love that the stars are already tanning.

Aaron Carter


Aaron and Karina - crazy

    *I completely agree Aaron. I cannot wait to see how this is going to be worked into their dance.

Tom Delay

I am back from LA. The photo shoot was so much fun. It was like going to Disneyland. You know politics is showbiz too.

In LA for rehearsals and title shoots. Also learning two dances. Cheryl says I am progressing very well.

After two dance sessions I can tell you Cheryl Burke is the most patient person I have ever met.

   *I wonder how they are going to pan out…maybe she’s over getting stuck with “the old guy” (See Heidi’s post DWTS Season 9 News).

Melissa Joan Hart

Learned the basic foxtrot and jive today!! Good stuff. Feet are hurting and back is sore. Yay!!

Wow! The chacha will make your abs rockin!!! No more crunches, just need to chachacha!

Team Melarky

   *Don’t they look so cute together? She has learned 3 dances already…are these for the first shows or is this just preparation? And I think it’s time to start learning the cha-cha myself…I hate crunches!

Chuck Liddell

Went to my first costume fitting today. This is going to be interesting…

   *It IS going to be interesting and I can’t wait to see what they get him to wear,

Debi Mazar

This is ME now..I’m afraid that I will have this face during my routine.Today was rough..near tears.I sucked! 

   *I love this pic but I hate that she had such a rough day. Hopefully, it’ll get better for her.

Just got my 1st spray tan for DWTS,funny!St.Tropez brand,doesn’t smell! look like I just got off a boat off of Italian Coast.for promo shoot

Sadly I discover that I’m uncordinated..After 30 yrs on NYC dance floors,I thought i was the “s***”.I had a wake up call this 1st week!oy!

   *LOL! This makes me laugh.

Karina Smirnoff is sexy ,amazing&and as actress,she is MY character study!GOD,she ROCKS!I only wish I can pull off her moves!!!BELLA!!!!

Kelly Osbourne

 sorry this pic is not that good but this is me and louis playing around at our photo-shoot yesterday

Kelly and Louis

   *Looks like they are having a lot of fun together.

Mark Dacascos

Foot is getting better. Bruise on the sole is almost gone, a little residual inflammation. Ice, heat, as much as possible. Must be fit t…

*Our first celeb injury? Hopefully, he’ll be better and no more injuries for anyone.


Chelsie Hightower

Taking a break.. Got our music today, “it’s my life” by No Doubt?? How am I gonna pull off a foxtrot to that?!

   *Umm, yeah…that song doesn’t really say “foxtrot” to me.

Derek Hough

Joanna is doing better .. lookin good .. Worked on a little ballroom frame aswell .

I always hurt my neck every season , I guess it’s better now then later … Frustrating pain ..

Here’s a little peak of what we did today

hubba hubba
   *Heidi this is for you…and for everyone else. Derek, thank you for this! Oh, and I hope your neck feels better.

Louis Van Amstel

Our first solo dance is a ballroom dance.The dance originating in the capital of Austria.Our relay dance is the dance w 3 of d same words

   *Okay, I really don’t understand this after the second sentence. Can anyone translate? And what the heck is a relay dance.

No kickingin in the nuts today. @MissKellyO learnt the whole routine today.It’s still rough,but i think u might b in 4 a surprise…

Oh,yeah..i forgot to tell all of you @MissKellyO kicked me in the nuts yesterday.She decided to just pull up her other knee!!!Kinda hurt….

   *Poor Louis! I’m excited about this surprise…

MaksI think I got one of the hardest working people as my partner. I’m really enjoying our rehearsals. I think Debi will do great!


   *Seems like they are going to be a good pairing…even if she was having a rough day it’s good to know she’s still working hard.

Mark Ballas

Cha cha time!!!!!!!!!!! Wahoo!


Melissa doing GREAT today, moving what I like to call SMOOTH!!!

   *I’m glad that she’s doing well and Mark is one of my favorites so I hope the Team Melarky does well!

Just a quick note that almost all of the celebs have Twitter accounts (not all verified) but not all of them mentioned DWTS or if they did…it just didn’t seem interesting to me. This is a previous article that has links to all of the DWTS season 9 Twitter accounts if you want to see more.

September 1, 2009 I Written By

Keep Up with Dancing with the Stars on Twitter

We just had a really great season of Dancing with the Stars. Sure, it ended on a bit of a sour note for many. Some hated the Jeffrey Ross DWTS roast. Fans of Melissa and Gilles were upset that Shawn won. Luckily, that’s pretty normal at the end of the DWTS season. This time it may have been a little more intense since the competition was so close and any of the top 3 could have been the Dancing with the Stars winner.

For those interested, you can continue to follow updates on Dancing with the Stars on this website of course or by following us on the Pure TV Network Twitter account. We’ll be doing updates all summer, so watch for both commentary and news on the twitter account. A lot of the commentary on Dancing with the Stars is happening on Twitter instead of on this site. So, go follow us on Twitter already.

Also, you can check out the various Dancing with the Stars celebrities on Twitter.

May 21, 2009 I Written By

Better known as Charlie.

Tweeting the Dancing with the Stars Finale

Yes, I am on the west coast, so the Dancing with the Stars finale is going on right now. For those interested in hearing some of my commentary on the Dancing with the Stars 2009 finale, you can follow my comments on my Dancing with the Stars twitter account. Go and check out some of my most recent comments like:

“I told everyone that the Dancing with the Stars finale is always a Love fest. They want to pump up the final 3 as part of the storyline.”
“I’m really disappointed Shawn Johnson isn’t going to use her gymnastics in the freestyle. It’s called FREE-style. Grrrrrr!”

Looking forward to seeing you on Twitter.

May 18, 2009 I Written By

Better known as Charlie.

Dancing with the Stars Season 8 Twitter Choice Winner

UPDATE: You can watch the video announcing the Dancing with the Stars Season 8 Winner.

I just posted the results from the Pure Dancing with the Stars poll. However, I thought it would also be fun to take a look at other ways of determining who the most popular of the final 3 is (since at this point it really becomes a popularity contest).

I recently posted a list of the Dancing with the Stars twitter accounts. Since then, my stats program has tracked which twitter account link has been clicked on the most. Certainly not a scientific way to determine who is the most popular, but still fun fodder while we wait for tomorrow’s Dancing with the Stars finale.

Here is the ranking according to the number of clicks to the final 3’s twitter accounts:
1. Melissa Rycroft
2. Gilles Marini
3. Shawn Johnson

Interesting, no?

Of course, another way to look at it is by number of followers that each star has on their twitter account. Those would go like this:
1. Shawn Johnson – 6768 Twitter Followers
2.3. Gilles Marini – 1444 Twitter Followers
3.2. Melissa Rycroft – 258 Twitter Followers 4797 Twitter Followers

Granted, Shawn and Gilles definitely are using Twitter more than Melissa. Although, it is interesting that it’s the same as the poll results I just posted previously. [UPDATE: One of my twitter followers informed me that Melissa Rycroft has another twitter account with many more followers. I’ve updated the post to reflect the difference. I wondered why Melissa wasn’t updating the account I knew about. By the way, you can follow this website on Twitter as well.]

Any other cool ways that I should look at who will become the next Dancing with the Stars winner?

I Written By

Better known as Charlie.

Follow Pure TV Network on Twitter

I need to ask for your help in following my twitter account @tvblog. I started a contest with @bbblogger on Twitter to see who can reach 2000 followers first. I gave him a 300 follower lead, but I figured I’d do the challenge anyway. So, I really need your help in following and asking your Twitter friends to follow @tvblog as well.

Thanks for your help. Also, I’m sticking with my Dancing with the Stars rankings and predicting that Ty and Chelsie will be sent home tonight. Also, we’re lucky that tonight we’ll get to see Maks and Anna Demidova and Kym Johnson and Mayo Alanen battle it out for the new professional dancer on Dancing with the Stars Season 9. The special guest performer is Raphael Saadiq.

May 12, 2009 I Written By

Better known as Charlie.

Dancing with the Stars Twitter Accounts

I’ve found it really interesting to follow the various people on Dancing with the Stars on Twitter. I’m certain I’m missing a bunch of the Dancing with the Stars pros and celebrities that are on Twitter. Here’s the list I have so far:
@MelissaDWTS and @MelRy217

Other Twitter IDs related to Dancing with the Stars include:
@Chuck_Wicks and @chuckwicksmusic

If know of other ones, leave them in the comments and I’ll update the post for all to share. You can also follow the Pure TV Network on twitter under the name @TVBlog.

May 11, 2009 I Written By

Better known as Charlie.