DWTS Maksim Chmerkovskiy Films Ukrainian Game Show And Opens Dance Studio In Los Angeles

Maks and his brother Val seem to be just as popular in the Ukraine as the United States or maybe even more so? Currently, they are helping to film a Ukrainian TV game show called “The Cube.” Maks’ role is being described as “organic” and “entertaining” and of course, the women are loving him. Below is a take from Kiev Media which explains more (note: it’s hard to understand since it’s been translated). There are more fun pictures like the one above at the link.

My friend, being in the crowd of the project, shared her impressions of, and along with photographs from the memory of the project. According to her, Maxim in a new role is very organic. Hollywood smile evoked strong interest from women. Maxim get used to the new role, trying to entertain the audience.

The first party, “Cuba” was a zealous fan of “Bach”. The girl did not lose the gift of time and tried to flirt with the attractive leader. But, alas, to no avail. It seemed not to notice her Chmerkovskiy subtle hints, and insisted that to start the game.

My acquaintance is so fascinated by Maxim that she think of anything more I could not. On Monday I’m going to explore myself and tell you everything.

No word yet when the two will be flying home, but, I imagine very soon because Maks will soon be starting the new season of Dancing With The Stars. Also, he and Tony have recently opened their new “Dance With Me Los Angeles Studio” in West Hollywood, CA. Tony’s former professional partner, Elena Grinenko, has also recently teamed up to help them. You can read all about it in a new Grinya’s Entertainment newsletter >>>>>>HERE (what I wouldn’t give to take a few lessons at this studio sometime. 🙂 )