Victor Ortiz Says Lindsay Arnold Has Been Killing Him In Rehearsals For Dancing With The Stars

KXL FM chatted with Victor Ortiz to discuss his boxing career and his upcoming appearance on Dancing With The Stars. Victor talks of when the show first approached him to dance. He also talks of how there is no comparison between boxing and dancing. Here is more, but, be sure to see the link for more.

Ortiz may be appearing on the 16th season of DWTS, but he’s known about the show since his friend Mario Lopez was featured in the inaugural season. The former WBC champion also revealed that he was actually approached about appearing on the show after his fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. in 2011, but had to decline after joining several training camps that ran consecutively. Eventually, after having his jaw broken and deciding to not fight for an extended time to aid the healing process, Ortiz was able to get casted for the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars. When asked if his footwork training for boxing helped him at all with his dance steps, Ortiz revealed that there was no comparison.

“Boxing absolutely has no comparison and hasn’t helped me one bit in dance,” said Ortiz. “So I guess all the rehearsals and everything – they’re going to have to pay off because Lindsay has been killing me.”

Looks like his hard work might be paying off? Some of his lines look fantastic.