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Dancing with the Stars Barbies

I don’t know why I get so excited, but I thought it was pretty cool when I heard that they were coming out with some Dancing with the Stars inspired Barbies. I was lucky enough to have the 3 DWTS barbies they created sent to me and as you can see from the above picture, my daughter and nieces loved them (aren’t they cute?).

The 3 DWTS inspired barbies are the Paso Doble Barbie, Samba Barbie and Waltz Barbie. The looks of the Dancing with the Stars Barbie were inspired by Brooke Burke, Kym Johnson, and Kathy Ireland. In our house, the Samba Barbie didn’t have enough clothes on and so it’s now a Snow White dress with the Samba Barbie. They are really well done and could be interesting collectors items in the future. Although, I couldn’t help letting my daughter not open them and enjoy them the way a Barbie should be enjoyed (we’ll see if my son enjoys them a way a son enjoys Barbies).

Here are the 3 DWTS inspired Barbies on Amazon for those interested:
Samba Barbie

Waltz Barbie

Paso Doble Barbie

My favorite is the Paso Doble Barbie. The rich red dress is a nice contrast to the dark hair. I’m not sure if having Dancing with the Stars Barbies means that DWTS has gone mainstream or if it means it’s jumped the shark. Either way, I think it’s pretty cool. I wonder if they’ll come out with DWTS Ken dolls next.

Here are some other pictures of my daughter and nieces holding the DWTS Barbies. They had fun with this:

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DWTS Gift Ideas: The Dancing With The Stars Barbie Doll

For Dancing With The Stars fans who are also Doll collectors and/or who are looking for the perfect gift for a little girl or that special someone for Christmas, did you know there was a Dancing With The Stars Barbie line? Seen above is the Dancing With The Stars “Paso Doble” Barbie (which is my favorite), but, there is also a “Waltz” Barbie and a “Samba” Barbie. PureDWTS reader, Gitte, had this to say on the Barbies and indentifying their dresses;

So far I’ve identified 2 out of 3 dresses.
Samba Barbie is wearing Kym’s samba dress from season 7/Joanna’s preseason photo shoot dress.
Paso doble Barbie is wearing Brooke’s paso doble dress from season 7.
I’m sure I’ve seen the waltz dress before too, but I can’t remember on who.

If interested in seeing and/or purchasing, be sure to visit Angelic Dreams. They are all beautiful and not that expensive either. Which is your favorite?

Special thanks to PureDWTS reader Biffette for letting us know on these dolls! If you’d like some more Dancing With The Stars gift giving ideas, visit the ABC TV Store here.

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