Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Tony Dovolani, & Val Chmerkovskiy Talk Dancing, DWTS, Dance With The Studios, & More

Wendy Wild of WKTU in New York recently interviewed Maks, Val, and Tony while visiting and taking a dance lesson at Dance With Me Studios. She asks some really interesting questions like if they think dance is more like exercise or therapy. She asks Tony what advise he’d give celebrities during “discouraging moments” when dancing on Dancing With The Stars. She asks Maks point blank how much of his rebellious moments on the show are “real”. She asks more great questions too including their roles in Dance With The Studios. More below for how they answer. Fun picture at the link as well.

Excellent interview!! Thanks to @DWTSMaksimFans at twitter for the heads up on this news!

ADDING: Val and Maks were interviewed by CBC Radio in Quebec, Canada. They talk about what goes into doing Dancing With The Stars with celebrities who are vulnerable on the dance floor. There are personality barriors and emotions and pride can get in the way. In the end, it’s worth all the negatives. They talk of their relationship as brothers too. Another super interview! You can listen to it here. We hope to have more coverage with these two. They are in Montreal currently for a dance, meet, and greet. Stay tuned.