PureDWTS Season 19 – Partner Switch Spoiler??? *Court Plays P.I.*

Random fact about Court: I’m actually really, REALLY good at doing internet sleuthing.  Case in point? I found out my father got remarried when one day, out of morbid curiosity, I decided to see if he had a marriage license on file at the Palm Beach County Clerk’s Office.  That revelation sure made for an interesting phone call.  I also once located the divorce decree of an ex I had that claimed he had never been married.  Lesson learned: do not lie to Court, because Court will go digging for the truth. But I digress…

…so I started hearing murmurings last night about Derek being spotted at the Dallas-Ft. Worth airport.  Some fans were wondering if he had to travel to meet up with his switch partner.  So I thought to myself, “Why not see if we can figure this out using just the internet?” So armed only with my iPhone, I set about the mission of finding out just who Derek’s partner is for the switch.

Based on Sadie’s instagram post yesterday, I knew she was going to be home in West Monroe, Louisiana for the week.  So my obvious question: was Derek flying to West Monroe to meet up with Sadie? This contradicted the data Heidi & I collected from Topsy, which clearly had Lea in the lead to partner with Derek.  So I decided to see if the evidence was there to support Derek actually being paired with Sadie.  Enter Twitter: at about 8:56 EST last night (7:55 CST, which is the time zone Dallas-Ft. Worth is in), a girl named Betsy tweeted a cute picture of her dad on a plane with Derek:


And according to my GateGuru app (which is amazeballs, you should totally download it if you fly at all – if for no other reason than to find the Cinnabon in any airport), there was a flight from Dallas-Ft. Worth to Monroe Regional airport last night, departing at 7:55 PM:


So the timeline fits: Betsy’s dad could have spotted Derek across the aisle after boarding, said “Hey man, my daughter digs ya.  Mind if I get a pic?” before they even started taxiing, sent it to his daughter before putting his phone in airplane mode, and she could have posted it to Twitter by the time the plane was in the air.  Now I know some of you hardcore naysayers will say “I’m sure there were lots of flights departing DFW around 8 pm, Courtney.  How do you know he was headed to Monroe???” Well, without getting to stalker-y, one of the other pics Betsy posted to her Twitter timeline was her in her cheerleading uniform.  Not gonna post it here, but her t-shirt (fairly) clearly says “West Monroe Rebels”:


Now, what are the odds that Derek would be at DFW, on a plane around 7:55 PM, seated across the aisle from a guy from West Monroe, at the same time that a flight was leaving that airport for Monroe, LA, and NOT ACTUALLY BE HEADED TO MONROE, LA? Infinitesimal. If the truth comes out that he wasn’t headed to Monroe last night and Sadie is not his switch partner, I, Courtney, will post a picture of Maksyl in their most schmaltzy, fauxmantic pose as my Twitter profile picture for an entire week.  That’s how confident I am in my research. You can call me Swagnum, P.I. 😎

So now bears the question: if all of our research pointed to Derek getting Lea, then why is he with Sadie? Here’s a few explanations Heidi & I came up with:

Possibility #1: A lot of the #DWTSLeaDerek tweeting was spam, and whatever method TPTB are using to count the tweets managed to weed it out.

Because we here at Pure are not made of moola, we can’t afford the fancy schmancy tech that can recognize and dismiss spam Tweets – but it’s entirely possible that DWTS can afford it and utilize it.  And believe you me, there was A LOT of spamming going on, across the board on all partnership combinations.  There’s a reason why I only tweeted for the switch once per day, and I tried to switch up the wording each time.

Possibility #2: Those who were using the ABC website to vote for the switch were voting a LOT differently than those manually tweeting out their picks.

I tend to think this one isn’t as plausible, because there would have to be  some REALLY incongruous voting going on in order to negate some of the massive tweet totals we were seeing.

Possibility #3: Val was unable to travel to Monroe to rehearse with Sadie this week.

Similar to the same scuzzlebutt that may have prevented us from seeing Meryl & Derek do the Argentine tango last season, perhaps Val just wasn’t able to rehearse out-of-town this week.  Can’t imagine why, but dammit PTB – if this was the case, it  should have been communicated up front.  Just like last season.

Possibility #4: Somebody put their foot down and said “No way!” to a Val-Sadie partnership.

Probably the most controversial explanation, but it’s one I could see happening.  As we have all seen, Sadie comes from a very conservative family – and Mark has done a fantastic job of not overstepping any boundaries of propriety with Sadie so far this season.  Ditto for Derek and Bethany – the two pros with underage partners know how to toe the line.  Now Val, on  the other hand – we’ve seen the fauxmancing and handsy-ness with Janel, and Sadie has actually said that she’s “intimidated” by Val.  Now remember, this was the family that was totally ready to walk out on a multimillion-dollar contract with A&E when they threatened to pull Phil from the cast of Duck Dynasty – you really think they would have any qualms with pulling Sadie out of a celebrity dancing show if they felt strongly enough about her NOT being paired with someone they didn’t feel was appropriate? And judging from the main demographic of DWTS (middle-aged, conservative-leaning women), do you really think DWTS wants to risk losing viewers if Sadie walks? Plus, Sadie’s actually a decent dancer, and her name & Alfonso’s are the two I see mentioned the most on social media.  So I guess the point I’m getting at is – if Mama & Papa Robertson didn’t want Sadie dancing with Val, then I doubt TPTB would be dumb enough to push the issue…and would probably happily accommodate their desire for her to have a different partner.

Possibility #5: TPTB don’t give a sh*t about the voting and are doing as they please.


So what does that mean for the rest of the partnerships? I’m guessing that Bethany is still with Mark, because that was the highest vote-getting combo of all (not that it matters to the PTB, who ignored the truly highest vote-getting combo of last season); that leaves Artem with Janel and Val with Lea.  Keeping it “all in the fam”, y’all.  Lord knows what’s going on with the female pro/male celeb partnerships – doesn’t Antonio rehearse in Memphis? Anyone see Witney, Emma, Peta, or Allison at the Memphis airport? 😛

Well, all will be revealed in 12 hours, anyway – be sure to watch Pure tomorrow morning as Heidi will be live-blogging the announcement of the switch pairings, starting at 8 AM EST.  I’ll be manning the PureDWTS twitter account, and Vogue will be holding down the fort over at PDH and the PDH Twitter account.  Happy happy happy 😀