Derek Hough and Mark Ballas Attend Will.i.Am’s Pre-Grammy Concert

Derek walked the red carpet for sure, as shown in the picture from Zimbo below, but I didn’t see any photos of Mark (yet). I do know that he played a song with the BEP band – got that much from his twitter feed. Derek also tweeted a good bit from that event and it sounds like he had fun.  🙂 Hard not to, listening to Alicia Keys – he also loved Bobby Brown and Ludicris, but I’ll forgive him for that. 🙂  Big supporter of his “brother”, he also tweeted that he was actually feeling nervous for “BALLAS”.  Very sweet.  😉  If anyone has any pics of Mark, post in the comments and either Vogue or I will update.


Vogue here with an update: You can view pics of Mark at Getty Images. There are pics of he and his girlfriend too. She’s so pretty. I love her HAIR!!

Heidi Update: Here’s a pic of Mark performing from Zimbio – thanks to Michelle and Angela. For some reason when I put Mark’s name in nothing was coming up. Maybe I was too early.