Huffington Post Editor Tweets On New Dancing With The Stars Season 17 Contestant

Isn’t this interesting? Below is a tweet by Huffington Post assistant editor Megan Griffo. Anyone want to speculate who this might be if true? Thanks to @DWTSgossip for the fun find!!


Oh, how I’d love it if were Jamie Curtis!! I’m having “True Lies” flashbacks! Remember this??

John Stamos and Heidi Klum are also yogurt spokespersons. They’d be great “gets” too.

ADDING: PureDWTS reader Leslie comments that Lisa Kudrow is also a yogurt spokesperson. This is getting interesting. 🙂

ADDING 2: And PureDWTS reader Sandy is reporting these Yogurt spokespersons as possibilities as well: “Model Cheryl Teigs for Yoplait (I believe) and one name was very interesting… Chef Michael Symon (Co-host of ABC’s “The Chew” has partnered with Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt…. hmmmm”

ADDING 3: Hey All! The editor who wrote the tweet has written to let us know that it was “a joke”(a bad one) and that she doesn’t have any inside information on who is dancing. She apologized as well.