Damian Whitewood And Danielle Spencer Place Second In Dancing With The Stars Australia (Videos)

As previously reported to you last week, pro Damian Whitewood and his partner Danielle Spencer made it to Grand Finals in the Austrialian version of Dancing With The Stars. Unfortunately they didn’t win, but, the two gave it their all and ended up placing SECOND in a Freestyle dance off at the end with X Factor finalist, Johnny Ruffo, and his dance partner, Luda Kroitor who won the mirror ball! The Sunshine Coast Daily has a review up on the night. Here is a take….

The grand final was a dance-off to the end between Johnny Ruffo, singer/songwriter Danielle Spencer and Packed to the Rafters star Zoe Cramond.

After scoring the lowest in her first dance for the night, dancing darling Cramond was the first finalist to be eliminated, leaving Spencer and Ruffo to battle it out in the freestyle round.

Judge Joshua Horner said the Cha Cha face-off highlighted the talent of our final three.

“Some people have a romance. Some blokes have a bromance. Right now, I have a showmance,” Horner said.

And after Ruffo ripped his shirt off during the performance, judge Helen Richey said she was impressed

“You should have taken your top off earlier darling,” she said.

Dancing With The Stars Australia’s official site is reporting that “after combing the judges scores with the viewer vote” the final scores were:

JOHNNY RUFFO & Luda Kroitor 28 (Foxtrot) + 26 (Cha Cha face off) + 30 (Freestyle Dance)
DANIELLE SPENCER & Damian Whitewood 28 (Jive) + 27 (Cha Cha face off ) + 29 (Freestyle Dance)
ZOE CRAMOND & Aric Yudekin 28 (Jive) + 27 (Cha Cha face off)

Below is some video coverage thanks to PriscellaDebra at You Tube. Damian and Danielle revisted their Jive for the Redemption dance. Next up, the top three danced a Sudden Death Cha Cha, and lastly, the final two couples dance their Freestyle. Great dances, but, it looks like Danielle’s nerves might have played an issue in the first dance the most? Let us know what you think?

You’ll be able to view more coverage on the entire night and see some new photos soon at Dancing With The Stars Australia’s official site. Stay tuned.