About Pure Dancing with the Stars

What is Pure Dancing with the Stars?

Pure Dancing with the Stars strives to be a centralized location of news, videos and stories about ABC’s hit reality dancing TV show Dancing with the Stars. In the past you’ve found all the great Dancing with the Stars music. You can expect all of that and a lot more including insider information about the dancers.

Who is behind Pure Dancing with the Stars?

Pure Dancing with the Stars is a proud member of the Pure TV Network. The Pure TV Network is a group of passionate TV bloggers interested in writing about all their favorite TV shows, providing great content about these shows and finding great content related to these shows.

Are you with ABC or Dancing with the Stars?

NO! We love dancing and in particular dancing, but do not take credit for any of their productions.

Can you Join Pure Dancing with the Stars?

Absolutely! Of course, we require that you’re passionate about Dancing with the Stars, creative and committed. If that matches you, then check out our Join Us page for more info.

We also always welcome any contributions (ie. videos, news, gossip, speculation, ideas, etc) from the community and we’ll be happy to post it to the site giving credit where credit is due. Drop us a line on the Contact Us page if you find something you think we should add to the site.