DWTS – Miscellaneous News and Rumors

Sweet Interview with Gilles in Celebrity Baby Blog. Here’s an excerpt:

Gilles Marini started off season eight of Dancing With the Stars known only as the naked neighbor from the Sex and the City movie, but he quickly danced his way into America’s heart — and second place in the reality competition.

His success with a more intimate audience, though, is what really makes him smile. With Father’s Day approaching, the 33-year-old former firefighter and model opened up to Life & Style about life with his wife, Carole, and kids Georges, 10, and Juliana, 2 ½. “Being a parent is simple,” he says. “Be with them, love them, and everything should be perfect.”

Chuck Wicks on How to Rope a Country Hunk.  Chuck, Chuck, Chuck…I just don’t know. 🙂

Animal instinct.

Girls with dogs are the way to go. If they can love a dog, they can baby something, and that’s what guys want. They want to be taken care of and babied all the time.

Chuck Wicks

According to Buddy TV, Gilles Marini heads to Nip/Tuck.

“You don’t see me in the shower. You see me in a towel and you realize that I’ve just had sex and I’m coming out of the shower because I needed to be clean,” Marini described his sort of naked scene on Nip/Tuck.

The former Dancing with the Stars contestant will be playing the new husband (a much younger bad boy) of Vanessa Redgrave’s Erica—which means that Julia’s evil mama is definitely back! Obviously, these two didn’t marry for love.

“He’s involved in trying to scheme Sean away from his kids so we can have the control of them. They realize I’m not the guy she should have married because I’ve done bad things, and then there’s a big payback from Julia,” Marini revealed.

Gilles on Nip Tuck

Karina Smirnoff wants the Fairy Tale

“I definitely want that fairy tale, big skirt ball gown,” she told Usmagazine.com at Wednesday’s Russian Heritage Festival in NYC. “When else can you wear that?”

Karina and Maksim in US Magazine (much longer article):

“We had our first meeting with the wedding planner, and we’re really excited,” she told Us. “He is amazing, and we’re finalizing all the details.”

Smirnoff said the nuptials — likely to take place next summer — will be in New York.

“He wants it in New York, and if that makes him happy, I’m sure I’m going to earn brownie points,” she tells Us.

Chmerkovskiy added: “And that will make 90 percent of our friends happy!”


Chuck, Julianne and a Big Diamond Ring

Secondly, it appears that Julianne has gotten the lead female role in Footloose. Not exactly surprising news since the buzz has been that she was a shoe-in for the role and the director kept gushing about her, but it’s nice to have a definite yes.

Lastly but certainly not (?) leastly, Chuck and Julianne were spotted last week and Ms. Hough was sporting a sparkler on her all-important finger. The pair were spotted eating at Logan’s Road House in Nashville and Julianne was wearing a big-diamond on her ring finger.

The second rumor about Julianne has been debunked in several articles and entertainment shows. The first rumor, regarding Footloose, appears to be true.

First Marc Malkin said Julianne got the role in Footloose

Sources tell me that Dancing With the Stars hoofer and rising country music singer Julianne Hough is finally in negotiations to star opposite People magazine’s Hottest Bachelor in the upcoming remake of Footloose…

He updated yesterday with this:

Update: Have Julianne Hough supporters been a little too enthusiastic in claiming she’s the Footloose top choice? I’m now being told that while the filmmakers certainly consider her among their favorites, they’re hoping she’ll be able to improve on her acting skills before the cameras start rolling.