Maks Chmerkovskiy Interviewed By 103.7 KVIL About Ballroom With A Twist And DWTS

Some of you have been talking about this interview in comments in the Wendy Williams post. Well, if you go to 103.7 KVIL, you can listen to them interviewing Maks Chmerkovskiy this morning since he’s coming to do Ballroom With A Twist soon in Dallas. Maks talks about winning a mirror ball on Dancing With The Stars, how much it meant to him, and how much he’s changed. He mentions Derek and how he’s won so many mirror balls that it must lose that “euphoria of winning”(wha??). He’s also asked whether he’s coming back for the next season of Dancing With The Stars and he says “he doesn’t think so.” Much more at 103.7 KVIL including an interruption from Maks’ publicist (you’ll have to listen in to see why 😯 ) and more dancing talk.

If interested in seeing Ballroom With A Twist in Dallas or a city near you this summer, see this link.