DWTS Season 19 Rumor: Meagan Tandy To Dance?

Hmm, could Meagan Tandy be on Dancing With The Stars this season? This tweet is interesting, isn’t it? Thanks to @DWTSgossip for the find. To read on who Meagan is, see Wiki at this link. Beautiful. I can see her with Mark or maybe Keo? What do you think?

ETA: Just a little update. @Dee_upclose22 (one of our fun readers who posts here) didn’t get a screencap, but she tells us she saw Meagan following Keo last night, but, now she’s NOT! Meagan also posted a tweet that she’s not going to be on Dancing With The Stars. You can view it at this link. Though note from her twitter that she had two shoots yesterday (and as you know the promo shoots for Dancing With The Stars took place yesterday). Fascinating! THANKS Dee!!