PureDWTS Sharna Choreographs for SYTYCD; Lindsay & Rylee’s Sister Jensen Survives Another Week

It was week 2 of the live shows last night, and Sharna was one of this week’s choreographers – she choreographed a jive for contemporary dancer Genessy & hip-hop dancer Slavik:

I didn’t actually watch the show, so maybe one of you that did can interject here – but while the choreography was cute (and had far more content than the cha-cha Val choreographed last week), I don’t feel like either one of the contestants really nailed it.  Genessy seemed to go off-time quite a bit, and the tricks felt labored. Nice routine from Sharna, but I think it just goes to show that it’s not nearly as easy for non-ballroom dances to pick up ballroom/Latin as some seem to think it is.

So this happened tonight!!!!!! Firstly @danceonfox thank you for having me, it’s been a long time coming and we finally made it happen 🙏🏻🙌🏻 So honored to be alongside choreographers that I admire and am in awe of daily. I’ll come back as often as you’ll have me. • Now to my babies!!!! Ahhhhh @itsslavik and @genessyc_ you have me a proud mama right now!! You already know but let me say it again… YOU CRUSHED IT!!! I mean… a STANDING O from the judges too!!!! This wasn’t easy for you, and I certainly wasn’t easy on you, but my goodness… You two have a work ethic and passion like no other. Team work makes the dream work and you two are the dream team. I cannot wait to watch the rest of your journey not only on this show but also all the goodness that will follow it. Stay grounded stay focused and stay in that pocket 😘🙌🏻🔥♥️

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Meanwhile, Lindsay & Rylee’s sister Jensen survived the first week of eliminations – Mama Arnold, sis Brynley, and Jordan were on-hand to support her, while Lindsay & Rylee (who looked like they were tied up with rehearsals), campaigned for votes for her on Instagram:

Jensen & her partner, Jay Jay, did what I consider to be a pretty badass African Jazz:

In some less-encouraging news, the two other Latin/ballroom dancers on this season, Cole & Magda (who is a Chmerkovskiy friend) ended up in the bottom 2 last night, but didn’t get sent home. I’m thinking Jensen may be our only hope for a ballroom dancer in the finals this season!