Dancing With The Stars 12 – Kym Johnson Covers Esquire Magazine

Esquire Magazine is spotlighting Kym this month with a new photospread. One of the photos can be seen above (I have a feeling John is going to love this shoot. 🙂 ). They also interview Kym on the show and it’s dynamics. Read a take below. You can read more at the link as well as viewing more photos.

ESQ: So wait: Does the public get to decide? Or is it up to that crazy judge I always see kind of half-screaming and half-singing on The Soup?

KJ: It’s half-and-half — half the judge’s scores and half the fans. And then it’s week-by-week, so we actually have another dance to do tonight. We’ll see what happens with the judge’s scores, but the vote’s already in from the audience. At the moment there’s a winner of the show, but it could change tonight.

ESQ: And I imagine you have some moves up those ridiculous sleeves on your costume.

KJ: Everyone gets to do a favorite dance of the season, so we’ve chosen the samba. Hines really likes the dance, and we like the song. We did it in Week Three — a personal-story week — because it’s his mom’s favorite song. It’s an uplifting song.

ESQ: But, speaking of lifting, I heard you’re injured?

KJ: Naturally I’ve had a few injuries, but this season’s was really the scariest injury that I’ve ever encountered — falling on my neck. I’m very lucky to have escaped with what I did. I kind of fell just the right way to miss breaking my neck, and these last couple of weeks have been quite crazy with therapy and stuff. I feel like a football player at the moment.

ESQ: Maybe you should switch with Brooke Burke next season. What does she do, exactly? Is she, like, a sideline reporter?
KJ: Brooke is in this room where we have to go to get our judge’s scores. So she’ll ask us how we feel we did, what we think of the judge’s scores, that kind of thing. She’s the nice one.