DWTS Season 11 – Nancy Lee Grahn…perhaps in?

You may remember us reporting a couple months back that General Hospital soap star Nancy Lee Grahn had tweeted something about being on a possible casting list for season 11.  Well, beyond that, she hasn’t really said or done much to suggest that she was, in fact, going to do DWTS…until now.

Whilst browsing around for GH spoilers today at soaps.com (yes, I’m an avid GH viewer!), I noticed the following posted under the “Comings & Goings” section:

* Nancy Lee Grahn has gone on vacation, which means Alexis won’t be seen again until after the actress returns in mid-September.

Now while this may seem pretty pedestrian on the surface (everyone takes time off – soap stars included), it just seems like a very interesting time for Nancy to take a vacation…especially since the entire cast of season 11 will be present at the live cast annoucement/press conference on August 30.  Then you add in the fact that the celebs start practicing with their pros immediately after the cast is announced, and they’re also wrapped up with preseason photo shoots, media, etc…maybe Nancy decided to put GH on hold for a few weeks to prepare for this season of DWTS. 

Also interesting to note – the major storyline that Nancy’s character, Alexis Davis, had been involved in at the beginning of the summer has pretty much drawn to a close, which leaves Alexis only appearing in one or two scenes a week…which leaves Nancy with more time to devote to other ventures 😉

What do you guys think: is Nancy’s vacay strategically-planned to coincide with the first few weeks of DWTS training, or is it just a strange coincidence?