DWTS Season 11 Rumor and Innuendo – August 16, 2010

Remember way back when when I talked about the rumor of Xzibit being on the show this season?? I talked about it in this post and this post.

Well, interesting coincidence (or not?) – Xzibit is on site this week with Extreme Makeover Home Edition helping with a house in Wisconsin.  Why is this relevant, you ask?  Mainly because the episode being filmed is a DWTS themed episode. 🙂 Really, it’s about using dance to fight obesity and a bunch of DWTS pros were there for the day (and Derek is apparently staying all week). That’s pretty interesting for a reason that didn’t occur to me until one of Derek’s fans at PureDerekHough asked me the question (thanks DJ!) when looking at pictures of Xzibit with the DWTS Pros also on site – “Wasn’t Xzibit rumored to be on DWTS?”  Why yes, DJ, he was – and now he’s the only non-DWTS person on the Extreme Makeover set, surrounded by Derek, Mark, Chelsie, Tony and Anna. That’s too big a coincidence for me to let is slide by un-mentioned. 🙂

Well, people?? Just a coincidence?? Or, are they doing a clever tie in – DWTS pros and one of the celebs build a house? Keep in mind that Extreme Make Over Home Edition doesn’t have a season premiere until September 26 – nearly a week after DWTS own premiere. 🙂

The first several posts on PureDerekHough have pictures (and one vid) from the site – and links to where you can see more pictures of the various professionals. A couple really cute pictures of Chelsie, John. 😉

Oh, and they are doing some 80’s theme thing, which is why everyone is dressed kinda dorky. Xzibit is the man in the orange.