DWTS 2011 Cheryl Burke Says Rob Kardashian Is Shy, But, Working Hard Learning How To Dance!

Cheryl Burke tells TV Guide that Rob is a better dancer than his sister Kim. She’s hoping people will see a whole other side of him come Monday. He’s been working hard which people seem to think he can’t do. More below. Be sure to go to TV Guide to read the full interview.

You have the Viennese waltz. How’s he doing so far?
Burke: Great. He’s never had any dance experience. He says he doesn’t dance when he goes out to clubs or anything. He says he’ll sit in the corner and watch everyone do it. So I think this will be really good for his confidence and just to come out and impress people. I think his image — people think he doesn’t do much. But he’s been working so hard. Our rehearsals have gone really, really well. He comes back every day and he’s like a whole new dancer.

So you’re hoping people will see a new side to him?
Burke: Yeah, I want him to go out there and prove everybody wrong. I feel like I’m taking care of him! I really want him to do really well. I want people to see a new side of him that I see. He’s never late to rehearsals. He’s always on time. I just don’t want people to think he doesn’t do anything. He’s really hard-working.

Kim didn’t do that great on the show, to say the least. How does Rob compare to her?
Burke: He’s better than Kim, I have to say! [Laughs] I won’t know for sure until I teach him a Latin dance. They’re both very shy. With a competition, you need to be a little more out there. I think Rob is getting more and more open with me. We have that bickering brother-and-sister relationship. I’m having a lot of fun so far this season. I feel like I’m dancing with my little brother.