DWTS Season 14 Stats Class: Week 10 Scorecard

Whelp… the last scorecard for Season 14… I’m going to skip to the niceties and just go straight to the table of score differentiation:

Am I the only one that is mildly entertained that William has the largest point difference between his predicted scores and actual scores… with Katherine a point beneath that. While in the meantime, Donald is actually a lot closer being just one point off from the past? When you add the scores from Tuesday night’s show into the table Donald has the smallest point difference of the final three…

So let’s look at William’s scoring progression:

Although there are times over the season that William appears to score similar to what was originally predicted or even below, for the most part he has scored a few points over the predicted score. So let’s look at everyone else.

Here is Katherine Jenkins’ scoring progression:

Katherine has been pretty close to the prediction scores for a fair number of her dances. Although towards the beginning her point differentiation was rather large, over the course of the season the point difference shrinks.

And finally there’s Donald Driver’s scoring progression:

Similar to Katherine, Donald’s progression over the season also shows a steady progression and one that follows the prediction trail rather closely.

When you take a look at all three scoring progression, you notice that although the scores for William and Katherine have fluctuated at points where the actual score goes below the predicted score. Whileas with Donald there was never really a time that his actual score goes below the predicted score… interesting.

In my opinion, Donald has the most realistic scoring progression of all the celebrities this season, and I believe on some subconscious level the audience senses that… I know there have been times where I would wonder why the judges are scoring some couples one way or another, but in the case of Donald I wasn’t upset with the scores for him directly, but more in comparison with other less deserving couples. But I’m giving my opinion and that’s not always numbers based.

So let’s look at the progression of the eliminations of the show in comparison to the pre-season predictions.

Well, as this proves, numbers tend to be a crapshoot… nevertheless it’s fun. 🙂

Over the course of the summer off-season I will provide similar scoring progressions and point differentiation for some of the previous seasons to study if there has indeed been possibilities of “over-scoring” occurring in previous seasons as there are claims of it for Season 14. So if you’re curious how everyone compares in the previous seasons… stay tuned, because you’re not the only one that’s curious.