Pure Exclusive: Sharna Burgess Talks On 2014 Version Of DWTS, BWAT With Gleb Savchenko, And Lots More

What a joy it was to interview our beautiful Miss Sharna again!! After seeing her and Gleb Savchenko in “Ballroom With A Twist” in Cheyenne, Wyoming, I had so many questions. What’s fun is…she and Gleb put an amazing, show-stopping dance number to “Fever” together only several hours before the show. Let’s hope they will perform it again on Dancing With The Stars as it literally took my breath away and I know it would take yours away as well.

Also, Sharna catches up on all of her projects that happened in the off season of Dancing With The Stars! She and her boyfriend and dancer Paul Kirkland spent Christmas together and they also helped to choreograph two dances for “Strictly Come Dancing”. Not only that, but, they also put a dance piece together for a sports charity called “Sports Relief” with 4 incredible paralympians. Sharna also recently danced in Holland America’s Dancing With The Stars At Sea Cruise. She sent us some incredible photos and pictures highlighting everything as you will soon see.

Lastly, Sharna also gives some thoughts on the new season of Dancing With The Stars and how it will be the “2014 Version”. We think you might find her thoughts interesting.

So, without further ado, below is Sharna Burgess! We thank her so much for her time again and let’s hope we see her and Gleb on the new season of Dancing With The Stars.xxx

It is so great to visit with you again, Sharna. And first, omg,…can I just say, you and Gleb took my breath away at the Cheyenne, WY Ballroom With A Twist Shows Feb. 1st! So, what did you think of Cheyenne and the Rocky Mountains? Did you like the SNOW? I hope you will come back to the Rocky Mountain region again one day again.

Hi Vogue!!! Thank you so much for your beautiful review AND amazing photos!! that certainly means a lot to both Gleb and I. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see very much of Cheyenne, I flew in late the night before the show and super early the morning after, but I have to say that I loved the snow. Being Australian I have never really seen snow all that often, and what little snow we do have in Australia is really icy and hard, being in Cheyenne I truly understood what people mean when they say powder!! Its just so beautiful and fun to play in!! Of course we know mother nature can sometimes be cruel turn that beautiful snow into a menace, and my heart goes out to all of you who have been suffering with blizzards and painfully cold weather this season. I am truly grateful for every single person in the audience that braved the cold to come out and see us perform, Cheyenne was such an AMAZING audience and I had so much fun up on that stage! I feel like everyone’s troubles got left at the door and we all just had a wonderful evening. Its an honor for me to know that I was a part of that. I also hope that I make it back there again soon πŸ™‚

BWATCheyenne2014 014

What kind of rehearsal process did you go through in getting ready for Ballroom With A Twist? I thought you and Gleb were only doing 2 dances. So, I was so happy and pleasantly surprised when you did more! They were just breathtaking as well as your costumes. You and Gleb were in an element of your own. I have to say (and I’ve heard this from other fans at PureDWTS too) that you two make one of the most beautiful pro pairings on the show. It’s true. There is a magnetism and chemistry there. Plus, you are both so funny too with the way you would tease one another.

Oh thank you!!! I absolutely love dancing with Gleb, not only is he the sweetest most humble guy on the planet, he is a fantastic partner and makes me feel so safe in his hands. I know that whatever happens his going to take care of me, and that is something so very important when we are dancing difficult routines like that. We do have a wonderful connection on the dance floor that we discovered while Jason Gilkison was choreographing that beautiful contemporary Viennese Waltz for us in season 16 (which is btw my favorite piece I have ever danced!) There is no greater feeling in dance than when the steps melt away and it becomes about the feeling, about the story, and about the connection that you share with your partner, its almost euphoric. We were in our own world sharing a moment, a moment that can never be re created, that’s the beauty of dance, every time you perform it will always be different. That evening every person in the audience got to share that once in a lifetime moment with us, and that makes it very special.

Lisa Kay Photography

Lisa Kay Photography

Our rehearsal process a total whirlwind, we had about 10hrs to choose our music and put together our routines, and then ON THE DAY we realized we had to choreograph the Fever number, that one I choreographed at 5pm…. and the show was at 730!! Even I was having a minor heart attack about it, praying to the universe to take care of us and get us through it lol “please God let us just remember the steps!” my prayers we answered, it turned out to be a very sexy foxtrot and felt fantastic. πŸ™‚

Lisa Kay Photography

Lisa Kay Photography

I wish that we had another couple of shows in Cheyenne, it felt so good to be back on a live stage. It will always feel like home to me, the stage is where i discovered myself as a dancer and as a woman while I was touring with Burn The Floor. I wouldn’t be the dancer or choreographer that I am today without that training and guidance under Jason Gilkison’s wing. I owe that man a lot and am inspired by his creative genius every day. (love you J x)

Lisa Kay Photography

Lisa Kay Photography

In other things, how was your Christmas? I loved all of your baking pictures at the time at twitter.

Christmas was AMAZING!!!! It was bitter sweet as it was the first time in 10 years I haven’t made it home to Australia, that’s usually my one time of year I get to be with my family and friends. But as I get older and my family expands I have to share myself around lol. I was with Paul’s family in St Augustine FL. They are such a beautiful family and i have to say that it felt like xmas when I was a kid πŸ™‚ I was baking a lot with his mum and decorating cakes and cookies, xmas carols were on constantly which I couldn’t help but sing along too, it felt so festive and special. I even baked a few Australian dishes for them (which thank goodness I didn’t make a mess of, it was touch and go for a second on my Pavlova lol!) I just wish I could have had my family there too and we could have done it all together.. maybe next year πŸ™‚


What else have you been up to in the off season of Dancing With The Stars?

OMG I’ve been so busy that its a little crazy. Straight after the season Paul and I went over to London to choreograph 3 big things. 2 opening numbers for Strictly Come Dancing and a piece for a huge sports charity over there called Sports Relief with 4 incredible paralympians. I can’t describe the life changing experience it was working with the Paralympians, we had 2 women in wheelchairs, a blind soccer player and a javelin thrower with prosthetic legs. They reminded me how wonderful life is, and how everything that happens to us has a divine reason. Their spirit and positivity rivals most people I know, and I truly was bought to tears (as was the entire audience) on the night of their performance. Both Paul and I tried to express to them our gratitude for being who they are and giving us the gift of their presence and energy, and yet we were both too choked up for words that it just ended in sobs sounds and hugs. I have been blessed to do many things in my life, but that experience is up there with the best of them. Truly an unforgettable gift that I thank my blessings everyday for. It won’t air until March, and I can’t wait for you all to see it.


Below are the incredible numbers Sharna and Paul choreographed for “Strictly Come Dancing”.

Also, at the very start of the year I went and joined the Dancing with the Stars at Sea cast on Holland America. We travelled through the Caribbean and the Bahamas which I have never been to before, so for me it was as much a holiday as it was work! I certainly had to adjust to dancing on a moving ship… OMG there was one show where we were traveling through a thunder storm and I fell off a chair LOL!! Hey it happens to the best of us! I noticed that my core as working overtime to keep me on my balance, oddly when I was moving fast it was easier… standing still was the challenge! I was always in good hands though, dancing with the incredibly talented Derek and Tristan πŸ™‚ I also got to perform Moves Like Jagger with Carson Kressley who is just an absolute joy to be around.



There were dance competitions through out the weeks which I was judging and I couldn’t believe the talent on that stage! Truly there were some contestants that took my breath away, especially seeing there was little to no dance experience under their belt. I have to commend Holland America for not only an incredible cruise and experience, but also hosting a really fabulous dance competition that gave fans a little taste of what we as Pro’s on the show go through. Not to mention that the winner took home a mirror ball trophy made by the same people that make ours, a real legitimate DWTS MBT!! (which I am totally hoping to take home this season πŸ˜‰ )



I have to say it was so nice to be able to have some of our fans connect with us on a more personal level, you only get to see so much of us on DWTS, but on the cruise we had question and answer sessions and dance competitions, not to mention that we were always around the pool or out somewhere on the ship socializing. I felt some people were a little too shy to come and say hello, or felt they might be bothering us, but believe me that is not the case, we are there for you guys and its always wonderful to hear of your love for Dancing with the Stars. Remember we would have no show without your love and support, so its also a chance for us to say thank you to YOU!


Lastly, are you hearing anything on the new season of Dancing With The Stars? We’ve heard the LIVE orchestra isn’t coming back. How do you think that will effect choreography, etc.? Will it be different?

I’ve actually not heard all that much. In regards to the Orchestra, (I think there has been an official release about this now) yes there have been changes, but we have always had live music and always will. It is an integral part of what makes dwts unique and special. After 17 seasons its certainly sad to say goodbye to our previous band members, but as with DWTS (and any show for that matter) changes will always be made to keep it fresh and keep it progressive. Look at how often we change Pro’s.. or even our set! We are headed into our 18th season and much of our success is that we are in good hands that know when its time to shake it up a little. I ask our fans to have faith, it will still be the dwts that we all know and love, its just going to be the 2014 version πŸ˜‰

Thanks so much, Sharna!!! We are all rooting for your return to Dancing With The Stars!! And thanks again to you and Gleb for making dreams come true in Cheyenne, Wy. I’ll never forget it. ((((Hugsss))))XOXOXo

Its my pleasure vogue, again thank you for your wonderful words and photos!! I’m so pleased that you and your father (happy belated bday btw) got to share a wonderful experience with us. I’m so excited about this season, i feel like 2014 is set to be an incredible year!!

Wishing all of you much happiness and health for 2014
S xxxxx