DWTS Season 19 Watch Out: Courtney Robertson To Dance?

Courtney Robertson has a new book coming out soon that mentions she was once considering doing Dancing With The Stars when she was engaged to Ben Flajnik. However, she turned the show down since Ben didn’t approve. Below is more from Reality TV World. Kind of makes one wonder on whether she’d still do Dancing With The Stars now since they eventually broke up? Thoughts? Look for Heidi’s thoughts after you read this quote….

I had a secret meeting with the producers of Dancing with the Stars and they wanted me as an alternate, just in case anyone got hurt. The payday was incredible: $125,000 just to show up and $30,000 for every week I made it through. Cha-ching!” Robertson wrote in her upcoming memoir, I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends — Confessions of a Reality Show Villain Courtney Robertson.

“‘They offered it to you?’ he asked incredulously. I noted a tinge of jealousy. I hadn’t even thought about this kind of stuff yet and how it would affect our relationship. I was just excited the opportunity was there.”

“‘If you do it,’ he added coldly, ‘you won’t have a fiance.'”

“I felt like I’d been punched in the gut,” Robertson wrote in an advance copy of the memoir obtained by Reality TV World.

“I can’t believe you’d even bring it up,’ Ben growled, even more pissed off.”

“This was not a good start,” the former bachelorette continued.

“I dropped the conversation and ultimately dropped out of the potential Dancing with the Stars casting, even though we could have bought our first house together with that money. Instead we spent the first three months of our public engagement staying in his frat house of an apartment when I’d visit.”

Heidi: I believe she probably was considered as an alternate at the time – she was a rather controversial “winner” of the Bachelor and got a lot of people talking. But the Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants have a VERY short shelf life and I doubt very much that she would make the cut today – unless her book is a huge best seller. I read a review of it on RealitySteve.com and it sounded kinda interesting, if only to see what kind of crap goes on behind the scenes on that show. Anyway, since she was considered back then only as an alternate, I doubt she would make it even that far today.