“The Walking Dead” Alum Vincent M. Ward Campaigning Hard To Dance On Dancing With The Stars

The “Walking Dead’s” Vincent Ward is campaigning to be on Dancing With The Stars. Take a look at his twitter page when you get a chance. It’s full of the hashtag: #VincentMWardDWTSSeason19!! Normally, we don’t post on many campaigns, but, I’m starting to wonder on this one as it just gives a person that “feeling”. The Examiner asked him more about it. Read below….

Ward’s Twitter page is home base to a slew of impassioned tweets directed to the official “DWTS” account. Nearly all of the messages ask producers to include him as part of the fall 2014 cast. Even Ward is taking part in the effort being made on his behalf, posting creative images of his own that feature his head atop various dancers’ bodies along with the tag “#vincentmwardDWTSSeason19.” The most heavily retweeted image features Ward standing in front of red text that features the #vincentmwardDWTSSeason19 hashtag as well as the show’s name.

When asked by Examiner to explain his desire to compete, Ward’s answer was a simple one. “[D]ancing with my 1st love when I was younger,” he tweeted. Although he had no preference when it came to which female pro he might join on the dance floor, he expressed admiration for season 18 winner Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s “style and charisma.” He also named reality star Jack Osbourne, actor Jaleel White, rapper Lil Kim, and NFL legend Jerry Rice as his favorite former contestants.

I think he’d be a good one for Cheryl or Karina. Heidi, what do you think? Could this be someone we better watch out for?

Heidi: Campaigners RARELY make it on to the show, and I don’ t see this time as being any exception to that rule. And if he’s trying too hard to get on to the show, odds are that he’ll try too hard when he’s ON the show. So, my initial vote is a “no”. 🙂