Season 19 Rumor: Pretty Little Liar’s Janel Parrish To Dance on Dancing With The Stars?

Two days ago, Janel Parrish tweeted she was on her way to a “fun new experience” (sceencap below). She also was at photo shoot yesterday on the same day as the Dancing With The Stars promo shoots (instagram below). What’s more, one of the people on Afterbuzz TV last night (video below) mentions how he heard one of the cast members from “Pretty Little Liars” will be on the new season of Dancing With The Stars. The panel thinks it’s Janel Parrish since her character was just killed off during last night’s show …and for what she tweeted and being she’s an ABC star too. They start talking on it at the 3:50 mark. Not sure what’s up, but, hey you never know? What if Janel Parrish is dancing and who do you see as her Pro if true? Thanks to fan Kelly A for bringing this possible rumor to our attention.