PureDWTS: Cheryl Burke on The Boris & Nicole Show, Reveals Her Original Season 18 Partner

Hope everyone has been enjoying their summer 🙂 Thought I’d share this little ditty that fell into my lap entirely by accident yesterday, as I was making my morning cup o’ coffee in my office break room while half-listening to the janky tv in there that constantly cuts out and only seems to get random channels…

…Cheryl appeared on The Boris & Nicole Show yesterday, which premiered on Monday and is having a 4-week trial run on FOX.  She chatted about her activewear line, her stint on I Can Do That, her backing out of judging Miss USA, and memories from DWTS.  Full episode is below, and Cheryl’s segment starts around the 22:00 mark.  What I found most interesting, though, was the revelation she dropped about her season 18 partner – turns out Drew Carey was a replacement for someone else:

“Let me tell you guys about Boris over here. He was supposed to be my partner, then he backed out – or chickened out – then, guess who my partner was. And I love him – DREW CAREY! Drew Carey is great, but I think [Boris] and I might have lasted a little longer!”

So yeah, Cheryl’s original season 18 partner was supposed to be Soul Food actor Boris Kodjoe, and Drew only entered the equation after Boris backed out.  I loved Drew & Cheryl together, but I can’t help but be curious about how a Boris & Cheryl partnership might have turned out.  Or who knows – maybe Boris might still be available for a future season! The little bit of hip action he showed in the segment that followed was decent enough. What do you guys think?