Witney Carson Interviews, Mentions Who Might Dance In Dancing With The Stars Season 21

How about a couple of interviews with Witney Carson? First, she talked with Fashion and Style about Dancing With The Stars. She mentions how she gets insomnia when the show is airing and why. She also talks of the healthy competition between pros.

“During the season I have insomnia a lot,” she said, explaining further: “I am constantly thinking about the dance. I am completely focused on the celebrity and the dances we need to complete. We have to come up with all the choreography all the costumes, the camera angles the lighting … anything that will make a difference in our routine is up to us.”

“You have a celebrity on live television who has never done this before and they are really stressed out. It’s pretty crazy but we try to tell them to enjoy it,” the “DWTS” season 19 Mirrorball winner continued.

Getting into “lighter” territory, we asked Carson if there is any competition between the dancers while the series is running. Carson revealed that while there is “healthy competition” between her and her co-stars, that competition inspires them to push harder as teachers.

“We are so supportive of each other. We are not competitive at all, we help each other out. It’s kind of fun at the end of the season when it gets competitive a bit, but it’s all respectful and in fun. It’s healthy competition at the end of the day,” she exclaimed.

You can read more at Fashion and Style. Witney also talked with the Huffington Post about her recent Emmy nomination and what an honor it is. But, here is something interesting she mentioned too about the new season of Dancing With The Stars. Note how she is “pretty sure” a new contestant for Dancing With The Stars Season 21 will be a familiar face from The Bachelor franchise (Kaitlyn Bristowe? A rumor we posted about a couple of weeks ago), as well as another name making headlines across the world.

Speaking of “The Bachelor” franchise, Carson is pretty sure another familiar face from the reality dating show will be a celebrity contestant next season, as well as another name who has been making headlines across the world.

“They don’t actually call us until the last minute, so I don’t even know if I’m going to be a professional yet, but I’m crossing my fingers!” she told HuffPost. “As for celebrity rumors, I haven’t heard much, but they usually put on the Bachelor or Bachelorette, so Kaitlyn [Bristowe], I feel like, will probably be on, which would be fun. She has a great personality. And also I heard Caitlyn Jenner might be on, but then again it’s just rumors!”

As for Emmys night on Sept. 20, Carson couldn’t be more excited.

“I’m looking for dresses and what to do with my hair and makeup,” she gushed. “I’m super, super excited. I’ve never been, so it’s going to be a special experience. I really want Alfonso to come, and I’m going to tag along with him.”

To read the full article, see the Huffington Post.