DWTS21 Watchout: Kobe Bryant Or Vanessa Laine Bryant To Dance On Dancing With The Stars?

Does it seen odd that Kobe Bryant would attend the Dancing With The Stars Finale last season? And he did so rather than staying home and watching an important night in the NBA. It’s true. If you look below, you can see a photo of him and his wife attending the show. Not only that, note how he has been following some Dancing With The Stars Pros (Mark, Derek, and Val) and Riker Lynch. Not sure if it’s possible he would dance (or maybe his wife Vanessa Laine Bryant?), but, it’s an entertaining thought. A huge thanks to Dee @upclose22 for bringing this to our attention. How I’d love for this to happen. What do you think?



Kobe has also been on the show once before in 2010….

ETA: Also, here is Vanessa with Derek Hough and Misty Copeland. Thanks Dee!