Dancing with the Stars Season 21 Finale Video Chat

We had such a successful chat before the final Monday night performances of Dancing with the Stars season 21, that we decided we’d do it again before the DWTS season 21 finale as well.

The great part is that up to 4 people can join the video chat at a time and we can rotate people through so that everyone gets a chance to participate. For those that are shy on camera, we welcome you to get over that shyness and join us anyway. If that still doesn’t work, you can always watch and comment in the chat area.

Long story short, we’ll be doing the DWTS finale video chat Tuesday, November 23 at 6:30 ET (3:30 PT). You can view it on this page or at this link. I look forward to seeing and chatting live with many of you before the finale!

P.S. We’ll probably go up until when the show starts on the east coast, but if some people want to stay on during the show we could do that too. Only problem for me is that I’m on the west coast. However, if the east coast keeps it going, I could pick it back up when the west coast starts. Nothing like a 6 hour video chat. We’ll play it by ear.