Gleb Savchenko Confirms He’s Dancing In DWTS Season 26, Gives Some Details On The Season

According to a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Gleb Savchenko is dancing in the Athlete’s Edition of Dancing With The Stars this season (Thank goodness!!!). He also explains how the season will work a little (I hate how there will be two couples a week leaving the show). More below. Let us know what you think?

“Yes, I am!” he excitedly confirmed to ET. “For sure.”

The dancer is ready to get back on the dance floor and also dished on who he’d like to be partnered with this season.

“I would love to have as a partner someone who has done something connected to music. Probably a figure skater,” he shared. “Someone young, someone with energy. And just someone really who wants to win. I need a mirrorball.”

“But someone who’s really good. Great personality is important but it’s also important that this person is capable of doing stuff. So it’s not just like, I’m working with someone great, but she’s 65-years-old and can barely do anything,” Savchenko added with a laugh. “So yeah, someone who is really good.”

As far as how this special all-athlete season will work, Savchenko explained that it will only be about four weeks. “What I think is going to happen, we’re going to have two dances a week,” he explained. “We have three weeks of rehearsals, four weeks of the show, and each week, we have two couples go home. So, it’ll be really intense. It’s gonna fly!”

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