Private Members Area – DWTS Season 26 Athletes Finale

It’s time again for Dancing with the Stars chatter! Share your thoughts and insights on this week’s episode of Dancing with the Stars Athletes edition from the comfort of the Pure DWTS Private Members Area. If you’re not a Pure DWTS Insider yet, you can do so here. If you are, then I look forward to the discussion in the comments.

Well, I have to admit that the private members area this year has been as lackluster as the DWTS Season 26 athlete’s edition has been. We’ll make it up to you in the off season with some off topic discussions. I’m sure Princess Heidi, Court and Vogue have some more great stories to share.

That said, the season isn’t over yet. Still one more finale episode left. What did you think of the finale? Did the right person win? Any standout performances?

Let us hear your thoughts in the comments. Also, would you have liked the all athlete season if it had been a full season? I’m interested to hear your thoughts on that.