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PureDWTS Season 28: Bobby Bones Weighs in on Sharna & Artem’s Dismissal and Sean Spicer, Talks to Lauren Alaina About Her Partner

So…I was at odds with this one, because while I think none of us really want to hear any more of Bobby’s thoughts on DWTS, a lot of people are still wrestling with the question of why Artem & Sharna were let go.  But for once (and I can’t believe I’m saying this), Bobby made some good points on his podcast yesterday about their dismissal, as well as Sean Spicer’s participation.  Bobby’s commentary on the whole situation starts at the 88:43 mark and ends at the 92:52 mark, if you want to listen for yourself; I’ve taken the liberty of transcribing below (pain in the ass, but I know some of you won’t bother listening and will just start going off in the comments regardless – so at least do me the favor of reading this):

Bobby: Let me say this.  You know they announced the Dancing with the Stars cast yesterday, and then it came out that Sharna, my partner from last season, is not returning to Dancing with the Stars. She is not the only one – they didn’t bring back Artem on the guys’ side, so it wasn’t just a Sharna thing. But I can tell you that I reached out to her before they announced and was like “Hey what’s up? Who’s your partner?” and she was like “I don’t know yet!”

Amy: Oh.

Bobby: And this was like two or three days BEFORE the announce.  And I was like “oh, cool” because she had just been on a trip and she came back and I was like “Oh cool, let me know!” When you see who you get, y’know. So a few days before, she didn’t know she wasn’t gonna be on the show. I don’t think I’m speaking out of turn here – I hope not! Uh, so, then she found and texted me and was like “Oh, I didn’t know…this is crazy! I had no idea.”

Amy: Whaaaat?! Wow, I mean, because she’s been on, like-

Bobby: She’s been on for 11 seasons, 12 seasons, yeah. So she wrote [he goes on to read a passage from Sharna’s farewell IG post]. A lot of these sites have now coupled me with the story, going “well this is why, controversial winner!”

Lunchbox: *chuckles* I saw that, yeah.

Bobby: Which it’s not – cause why would Artem not come back, either?

Lunchbox: Right, had nothing to do with you.

Bobby: I would have loved if it had everything to do with me, don’t think that I wouldn’t think that was great – not because of her, but that we just broke the system so much that they’re having to- that’s not the case. Ummm…so…Sharna’s awesome, I talked to her before, I talked to her right after, she’s like “You’re not gonna believe it.  I can’t believe it!” So she’s not back.  I don’t really know WHY…I’m not sure. I have great relationships with everybody – all that crew on DWTS, obviously with Sharna, so I don’t know what the deal is with her. So…I did see on Instagram that she wrote that…

Amy: That’s a bummer.  It’d be different if she was a part of the decision, like “Y’know what, I’m just not gonna do it this year”, but she was just as shocked…

Bobby: I talked to Lauren Alaina last night for a long time, cause she’s doing it. We put a dancing picture on my Instastory, of us dancing…she hasn’t started practicing yet. She’s still in that phase of “this is gonna be so fun!”

Amy: *chuckles* Wait till it rules your life!

Bobby: But I was like “Hey, you’re gonna have some real issues of inadequacy with this. Cause you’re gonna go and you’re just not gonna be able to get it and you’re gonna go ‘oh well I’m the worst’ and it’s gonna bubble into your life and you’ll go ‘well I’m just not good at anything’ and when that happens – CALL ME. Whatever time it is – cause I struggled from that. 2 or 3 days of doing 8, 9 hours a day, like I couldn’t get it, and I was like ‘I’m just sad’, cause I’m not smart enough to get what I see people doing all around me. If that happens, CALL ME. Cause wherever you are, I was there, PLUS.”  Cause I had never danced! She called the postshow/preshow yesterday, she called me right after she got on Good Morning America, this is a call from Lauren Alaina yesterday…

[goes to recorded call between Lauren and Bobby]

Bobby: Have you started practicing dancing?

Lauren: NO!

Bobby: No practice yet???

Lauren: No! NONE!

Bobby: And have you announced your partner?

Lauren: I haven’t even met my partner! I don’t know who it is!

Bobby: Wait, they were up there, though, today…

Lauren: The people were there, but they didn’t tell us who our partners were.

Bobby: You follow someone, one of the pros on your Instagram already, that’s not your partner???

Lauren: No I followed him because I sang for him last year.

Bobby: I thought that too, but all the conspiracy websites are saying that Alan is your partner.

Lauren: But, I would be HAPPY if he was, I love him.

[call ends]

Bobby: I talked to her last night, she was like “They said I’m gonna have a good one, but I don’t know who it is!” She still doesn’t know. So, I’m excited for the season, I plan on going for the premiere, I saw that there was some drama because they put Sean Spicer on there, people upset about that. Y’know, I probably would have stayed away from putting anyone political on there, too…there’s a reason why you don’t wanna come on the show and not talk about politics. There’s certain places people go for politics, there’s certain places people don’t – THIS definitely isn’t! He won’t last long, anyway – physically, I don’t think he can handle it. So, yeah…that’s the deal. Pretty good cast, pretty excited about that, my thing on Sharna was I didn’t know, she didn’t know, and then I saw her post yesterday after she had told me that she was kinda upset about not being able to be able to go back.  She may go back another time, I don’t know…but there you go.  Everybody’s asking me to say something about it, so I said it – I didn’t know, she didn’t know. Alright, cool…

So, some immediate takeaways: the celebs have NOT met their pro partners yet (and vice-versa), so it’s possible they don’t know who they’re with yet. Also clear that Sharna was as caught off-guard about the whole thing as Artem was, and was gobsmacked to find out she wasn’t coming back this season. Bobby also appears to still be a bit of a vainglorious little shit, who likes to think his win “broke the system”. *Sigh* However – he does echo what we’ve all been saying about Spicer’s casting, so he gets minor brownie points from me…you know this show is in deep sh*t when even the most controversial winner ever says “Oof, shouldn’t have cast Spicer, guys.”

Someone also sent me the clip below (can’t figure out if this is from the same episode or a different one), where Bobby makes some good points about how cutting Artem loose was a bad decision…

I’m also being told that Artem is set to appear on the Bella’s podcast this coming Wednesday, so we’ll likely get more of his side of the story as well…stay tuned.

Many of you have asked me for my own thoughts on why Sharna & Artem were let go…and to be honest, I’ve remained quiet, simply because I’m just as stumped as you guys. I guess I can maybe kinda see why Sharna might have been the sacrificial lamb – she could have been removed so as to not remind viewers of the dumpster fire of last season, or maybe the fact that she’s been an outspoken critic of the show in the past could have benched her; compared to media darlings like Witney, Lindsay, Emma, & Jenna, she hasn’t been afraid to speak her mind about the show in the past (note that the last time we had an outspoken female pro who criticized the show in the press, it was Lacey – and her appearances on the show dwindled pretty quickly after that). Is Sharna wrong for speaking her mind? Not always – but from a PR point of view, she may be more of a risk than the new management is willing to take. Plus she no longer has her “It’s Sharna’s turn to win!” plot armor to protect her spot on the show anymore. My only other thought about why Sharna and Artem may have been let go is due to other projects they had going on – perhaps Artem’s participation in Total Bellas or Sharna’s gig as a judge on DWTSAu gave the (incorrect) impression that their hearts weren’t 100% in the DWTS game anymore…? I’m really just spitballing, guys – it makes no sense to me, it makes no sense to you, hell – it makes no sense to Sharna and Artem.


August 23, 2019 I Written By

Ultrasound sales specialist by day, semi-knowledgeable DWTS fan by night...with a smattering of hair & makeup enthusiast, occasional model, baker, and crazy cat lady peppered in to make things REALLY interesting ;-) I might pee my pants in happiness if Donnie Wahlberg ever does DWTS - or if they ever use "Sunglasses at Night" as a paso doble. Follow me (and my dog!) on Twitter & Instagram: @putuincespence & @BirkinTheBulldog

PureDWTS Season 28 Cast Rumors & Watchout: Bobby Bones Claims “a Friend” is Part of The Cast

Several of you have reached out about this one, and I held off on posting because I couldn’t find the exact episode where he allegedly said this – until now. As a side note: if you are reaching out to me here/on Twitter/on Instagram/etc. to tell me about something interesting/weird/suspicious that you read/saw/heard with regards to the show, PLEASE – send me a link/screen shot. “I read this article but I can’t remember where but it basically said XYZ, I think” doesn’t really help me – while I appreciate your effort and probably 2/3 of the time your instincts are spot-on, sometimes I would prefer to see the proof myself before drawing any worthwhile conclusions…and I don’t always have time to go digging.  Your cooperation moving forward is appreciated 😉


Our *wince* reigning season 27 champion, one Mr. Bobby Bones, was doing his usual radio show last Wednesday and someone mentioned the hat he was wearing, which incidentally was sent to him by Sharna…which started Bobby down an interesting path about the upcoming season of DWTS. The talk about the show starts around the 6:50 mark, if you want to listen to it yourself; however, I’ve transcribed it below to save some time, paraphrasing where necessary…

Bobby: Ummm ok, a lot of people asking where I got my hat. It’s Woody from Toy Story. Sharna mailed me this. She was like “Saw it, thought I’d mail it to you.” Which, by the way, let me say this: Sharna, who was my partner from Dancing with the Stars, ummm…we’re engaged! Wouldn’t that be funny if I just dropped that on you guys???

*polite laughter from his cohosts*

Male cohost: And none of us knew? Hehe.

Bobby: Ummm…the show starts back, they start training again I think in September? Cause the show is September 16, that’s the day it comes back. So they start in like, late August/September, and…I’m torn, because…if you know, Amy, don’t say…but one of my friends is doing the show…

Amy: Mmmm, yeah.

Bobby: …and then, this friend will not be dancing with Sharna, so I’ve got two people on the show, so I guess I just support them both…but…

Amy: Yeah, support both!

Bobby: WHERE DOES MY LOYALTY FALL??? Friend A or Sharna, Amy??? Cause I helped Friend A get on the show…

Amy: I think you can root for both until one of them-

Bobby: Oof, I’m not someone that has two favorite teams. Only Arkansas Razorbacks or Chicago Cubs.

Amy: Well that’s hard…ugh…I don’t know.  Good luck with that, I don’t wanna help you.

The conversation then segues into the cohosts asking if DWTS has “asked Bobby back” (ummm, for what???) and then some nonsense about a parody of “Old Town Road” that Lil Nas X told them to stop playing, blah blah blah…

So, let’s unpack what we just heard. Given Bobby’s penchant for hyperbole last season (“My schedule is so ridiculous, more busy than anyone else in the cast!”, “Everyone hates me because I won!”, “I’m the people’s champion, you all chose me!!!”), my first thought was “How close is this ‘friend’ of Bobby’s?” It’s entirely possible, at least in my mind, that this “friend” may be more of an acquaintance – someone that Bobby may run into at events a few times a year, but isn’t on a “come hang out at my house in the Hamptons for the weekend”-basis with.  Or he could genuinely be friends with this person…so that makes it harder to pin down who it could be, because it seems to widen the pool…

Then Bobby mentions that this friend “Will not be dancing with Sharna.” Ok, I may not be completely plugged back in with the show again just yet, but I know from a reliable source that none of the pros have met their partners yet – none of the pros have even gotten hints about their partners yet, and they aren’t likely to for another 2-3 weeks. So the only way Bobby could possibly know without a doubt that his friend was not dancing with Sharna was if his friend was female or a drag queen…and I don’t get the feeling that Bobby hangs out with a ton of drag queens.

Bobby then claims he “helped this friend get on the show”.  Again, with regards to Bobby’s penchant for hyperbole and occasionally borderline-delusional sense of self-importance, unless this friend is kind of a nobody (which makes me wonder why they would even cast her), I have a hard time believing that Bobby going to bat for this individual somehow helped them get signed on to the show. Could Bobby possibly mean the reverse – he helped the show book this friend? That this friend is maybe a bigger name, and Bobby may have made the introduction between the friend and the show?

Thanks to @fisharnolds on Twitter, we may have our first good theory…country singer Maren Morris, who also happened to be the guest on that same episode of the Bobby Bones show and is apparently tight with Bobby.


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I mean all of @MarenMorris favorite songs off her new album are also our favs tbh ❤️ Full interview at link in bio!

A post shared by Bobby Bones Show (@bobbybonesshow) on

Maren is also on tour this fall, but coincidentally, none of her tour dates fall on Mondays…hmmm. I will add this, though: I used to work with a guy that was a roadie for several alternative bands back in the late 90s/early 2000s, and he always said that a lot of tours are “dark” (no shows) on Mondays and/or Tuesdays because a) ticket sales are usually poorest for dates on those two days of the week, and b) it gives the tour a longer window to make it to the next set of stops, which may require more than a day’s drive to reach, and it also gives the band and crew a break. Not saying that it means Maren’s not doing DWTS, just that it could be another reasonable explanation for the Monday night gaps in her tour schedule…hedging all bets here, guys 😉

My thoughts? If they did manage to get Maren, who is what I would consider a pretty big, “current” star (thought maybe not A-list), then maybe they really are putting their money where their mouth is and are going after bigger celebs with more pull. I was weary when someone told me that “a friend of Bobby’s” would be doing the show, but I guess a current country star isn’t so bad – as long as she isn’t going rogue with the floss dance or constantly reminding us that she’s “from a small town of 800 people”…*eye roll*

Thoughts about “Bobby’s friend” that’s allegedly doing the show?

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Ultrasound sales specialist by day, semi-knowledgeable DWTS fan by night...with a smattering of hair & makeup enthusiast, occasional model, baker, and crazy cat lady peppered in to make things REALLY interesting ;-) I might pee my pants in happiness if Donnie Wahlberg ever does DWTS - or if they ever use "Sunglasses at Night" as a paso doble. Follow me (and my dog!) on Twitter & Instagram: @putuincespence & @BirkinTheBulldog

PureDWTS Season 27 – Sharna on The Bobby Bones Show, Reveals Details About Weeks 1 & 2

So Sharna was on Bobby’s show this morning – go here to listen to the whole thing. Some nuggets worth mentioning: the couples are going to be doing (2) dances in week 1, both week 1 and week 2 will have shows on both Monday & Tuesday, one couple gets eliminated on Tuesday of week 1 (Sept. 25), and two couples get eliminated on Tuesday of week 2 (Oct. 2).  That’s…tough.  Looks like they’re going to be separating the men and women from the boys and girls fairly quickly, with a schedule that rigorous.

Bobby’s coworkers also seem to be unusually fixated on Bobby having a showmance, which is kind of weird, but go off, I guess:

September 13, 2018 I Written By

Ultrasound sales specialist by day, semi-knowledgeable DWTS fan by night...with a smattering of hair & makeup enthusiast, occasional model, baker, and crazy cat lady peppered in to make things REALLY interesting ;-) I might pee my pants in happiness if Donnie Wahlberg ever does DWTS - or if they ever use "Sunglasses at Night" as a paso doble. Follow me (and my dog!) on Twitter & Instagram: @putuincespence & @BirkinTheBulldog