PureDWTS Season 27 – Sharna on The Bobby Bones Show, Reveals Details About Weeks 1 & 2

So Sharna was on Bobby’s show this morning – go here to listen to the whole thing. Some nuggets worth mentioning: the couples are going to be doing (2) dances in week 1, both week 1 and week 2 will have shows on both Monday & Tuesday, one couple gets eliminated on Tuesday of week 1 (Sept. 25), and two couples get eliminated on Tuesday of week 2 (Oct. 2).  That’s…tough.  Looks like they’re going to be separating the men and women from the boys and girls fairly quickly, with a schedule that rigorous.

Bobby’s coworkers also seem to be unusually fixated on Bobby having a showmance, which is kind of weird, but go off, I guess: