PureDWTS Season 27 – Las Vegas Odds Headed Into the Premiere

The Vegas odds…usually make me chuckle.  Bovada has posted their odds headed into week 1, and as I usually do, I find myself wondering just who they put in charge of making these odds…and how much (or how little) they know about how this show works. I tend to think they go more off of how well they think the contestants will dance, and don’t pay as much attention to the voting demographics of the show, or even the popularity of the pros the celebs are dancing with.  So here are the odds at the moment, with the “most likely to win” at the top and the “least likely to win” at the bottom:

1.) Tinashe – 11/4
2.) Mary Lou Retton – 10/3
3.) Evanna Lynch – 7/1
4.) Juan Pablo Di Pace – 8/1
5.) Alexis Ren – 8/1
6.) Milo Manheim – 9/1
7.) Nancy McKeon – 10/1
8.) DeMarcus Ware – 12/1
9.) Joe Amabile – 12/1
10.) Nikki Glaser – 12/1
11.) Danelle Umstead – 14/1
12.) Bobby Bones – 25/1
13.) John Schneider – 26/1

So right off the bat, I think they have VASTLY underestimated DeMarcus.  They really think Nancy, a middle-aged actress who’s been out of the limelight for awhile, has got a better chance of winning this than a recently retired Superbowl champ that spent most of his career with “America’s team”??? 😯 Oof…do you, Bovada. If I were the betting kind, I’d go put some money on DeMarcus right now, while his odds are low. I think they’re vastly OVERESTIMATING Mary Lou – sure, she’s a former Olympic gymnast, but she’s no spring chicken anymore, and likely can’t do the same stuff she was doing at 16; she’s also kind of splitting the nostalgia fanbase with John and Nancy.  I don’t think she even makes it to the finale. I think Bobby has a better shot at winning that John, Nikki, Danelle, and Joe, since he fits in well with the main voting demographic; I would probably drop Alexis a bit, as I’m not convinced her Instagram followers are really going to come through for her.