PureDWTS Season 27, Week 2: Who’s Dancing What, And When?

I’m baaaaaack!!  🙂  And I have no idea what’s going on with this season.  🙂 I do, however, highly recommend an Italian vacation. What a beautiful country!

I will be doing a retroactive review of week one, giving you my take on what happened and why the bottom 6 was what it was. But first, who’s dancing what??

Also, Keep in mind that Tuesday is a double elimination based on Monday’s votes and scores and Tuesdays scores. The press releases also say we’re going to have Vegas Night (Tuesday) and New York City night (Monday).

Monday night – New York City Night:

From the press release:

Opening Number Features New York City Ballet Principal Dancer Tiler Peck
Dancing With the Show’s Pros to the Iconic ‘On Broadway’

‘Beautiful: The Carole King Musical’ Star Sarah Bockel
Performs Live Alongside Mary Lou and Sasha

ETA:  Updated with the dance order per George Pennachio. Hmmm….me thinks Bobby was well liked last week, since he’s getting the pimp spot tonight!

DeMarcus & Lindsay – foxtrot (song: “The Boy from New York City” by Manhattan Transfer)
Dancing 1st

Danelle & Artem – cha-cha (song: “Welcome to New York” by Taylor Swift)
Dancing 2nd
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