PureDWTS DWTS Jr. Pro Profile – Hailey Bills

Age: 12
Height: 5’0″(Court’s best guess)
Hometown: Dallas, TX/Orem, UT (moved last year)
Home studio: Prodigy Dance and Performing Arts/Center Stage Performing Arts
Dance styles: ballroom/Latin, contemporary, hip-hop, ballet, jazz, tap
How you might know her: She’s Jenna’s niece.
Other accolades: 2017 Female Mini Best Dancer at The Dance Awards
Pro mentor: Jenna Johnson
Celeb partner: Tripp Palin

Competing in Latin with her partner, Blake Fox:

Doing an edgy, contemporary/jazz/Latin fusion to “Billie Jean” at The Dance Awards earlier this year:

Edgy contemporary duet with Joziah German last year:

Doing some hip-hop with Rylee & Brightyn:

And the contemporary routine that won her Mini Best Dancer at TDA last year:

Court’s thoughts: I think Hailey might be the best technician of the junior pro girls – she seems to have a really good understanding of what her body’s supposed to be doing when she’s dancing, and she does it precisely. The one thing I think she hasn’t quite honed perfectly yet is her stage presence – she’s a great dancer, but I do see my attention wandering from time to time when I’m watching her as her presence in each dance seems to waver. She reminds me a bit of SYTYCD-era Lindsay: extremely strong technician, but maybe not quite as charismatic as some of her contemporaries (for Lindsay, it was Witney; for Hailey, I think it’s Brightyn & Rylee).  But the good news is that she’s only 12, and already a great dancer – the stage presence will come with time.

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