PureDWTS Season 27: Partnership Predictions/Confirmations

So given all the intel that’s fallen in our laps as of late, it’s only natural that we want to start speculating on which celebs are with which pros.  Below are my best guesses, based on what we’ve seen/heard – partnerships in BOLD have been confirmed (either by the pros themselves or a source), and I’ve tried to include links to posts that contain the information I used to match up the partnerships.  I think Brandon’s partner is the only one that we haven’t figured out yet. Thanks to @ptxdwts on Twitter for helping me stay on top of these! 🙂

1.) Nancy McKeon & Val (confirmed on GMA)

2.) Bobby Bones & Sharna (Bobby lives in Nashville – Sharna’s been there all week, and pix put them in the same rehearsal studio)

3.) Danelle Umstead & Artem (Danelle lives in Park City – Artem was spotted there)

4.) DeMarcus Ware & Lindsay (DeMarcus lives in Southlake, TX – Lindsay has been there all week)

5.) Juan Pablo Di Pace & Cheryl (Juan followed Cheryl & DWTS, then unfollowed)

6.) Mary Lou Retton & Sasha (due to height constraints – MLR is 4’9″)

7.) “Grocery” Joe Amabile & Jenna (just a hunch)

8.) John Schneider & Emma (John’s a country singer, so it makes sense that he would be in Nashville – where Emma is, by process of elimination)

9.) Alexis Ren & Alan (Alan was the last to meet his partner, and Alexis had been in Japan until earlier this week; Alan’s “clue” in his IG story looked like he was at a photo shoot)

10.) Nikki Glaser & Gleb (nails, general build, and clue seem to match in Gleb’s IG hint)

11.) Milo Manheim & Witney (Someone has a “Disney guy” – by POE, it has to be Jenna or Witney, and Witney’s partners’ legs look like Milo’s)

12.) Tammin Sursok Evanna Lynch & Keo (nothing really matches up, but source says Evanna is in and with Keo)

13.) Tinashe & Brandon (process of elimination)

UPDATE 9/10/18 6:26 PM EST: First of all, some of you seriously need to chill with all the hand wringing about Tinashe’s legs – I do have a life outside of this site, and some of you commenting repeatedly and demanding answers has the opposite of the intended effect: it makes me want to block you, not bend over backwards to get answers for you.  Secondly, it seems like we might have a case of erroneous intel – I trust my source, but I’m not sure US Weekly should trust theirs.  Evanna is the one contestant that doesn’t seem to fit in here. Tammin is the only one that hasn’t been confirmed by another outlet, but unless Keo is just flat out lying about where his partner is from (and Tammin’s post about “things coming up in September” is just a coincidence, and the clue on Keo’s partner is bogus), I really think Tammin is in. The clue about Gleb’s partner and the build/look seem to be consistent with Nikki, and Tinashe seems like she’s in (and by POE, with Brandon).  My only thought is that maybe someone who was previously confirmed dropped out (maybe Danelle?) and Evanna was a replacement…? I honestly don’t know.

UPDATE #2, 9/10/18, 7:00 PM EST: I’m told Evanna is, indeed, in, and partnered with Keo…despite all the clues pointing to Tammin.  *shrug* I’ve got nothing.

Thoughts? 🙂