PureDWTS Season 27 Cast Rumors & Watchout: Interesting Things on Social Media

In the absence of any solid intel at the moment, it’s time for the usual “interesting things” on social media post, where we speculate on peculiar things we see the pros/possible celebs doing on social media that might suggest they’re a part of this season of DWTS. There were so many people that hit me up with messages on Twitter and IG, so I apologize if your name’s not mentioned…I kinda just want to get this post up, and I didn’t have the energy to sort through my @ mentions and DM’s and try to credit each item individually.  Just know that if you helped point any of this out to me, I am grateful! 🙂

First off, some of the pros started meeting their partners this week – which lead to the great “where is [insert pro here] posting from, and what famous people live in that area?” game.  Lindsay was posting to her IG story about flying somewhere and having car rental issues, which someone later figured out was Southlake, TX (an affluent suburb of Dallas) when Lindsay posted about there being a (rather unique-looking) Sephora store across the street from her hotel:

(SIDE NOTE: Renting a car in TX really is expensive and complicated – I had to shell out close to $1K to rent a Durango for 4 days for my cousin’s wedding a few years ago.  Taxes upon taxes upon taxes upon taxes and weird fees  and agreements.  Seriously, just Uber while in TX – I can guarantee it’s cheaper. Trust your good buddy Court 😉 )

Which begs the question: who might Lindsay be partnered with that lives in Southlake? Well, if you check out the Wikipedia page for Southlake, most of the “notable people” living in that area are NFL players – particularly current & former Cowboys players, as well as NFL legend Terry Bradshaw.  While Terry would be an amazing get, his schedule with commentating during the NFL season is RIDICULOUS and would make doing DWTS pretty nighmarish, logistics-wise, if not downright impossible; my money’s on the recently-retired DeMarcus Ware, who lives in Southlake and follows both the DWTS IG and season 22 contestant (and his former Bronco’s teammate) Von Miller:

Next we move onto Artem, whose location was determined to be Park City, UT, by a tweet from a local who spotted him at a grocery store there on Thursday:

Now here’s the tricky part about Park City: it’s basically a celebrity playground, and quite a few celebs either own seasonal properties there, or vacation there on the regular.  Thus, it could be nearly anyone.  I’ve had a few folks mention that Scott Moir & Tessa Virtue (the Olympic Canadian ice dancing pair) are currently there “on business”; while I won’t count them out completely as casting possibilities, I think it would be a pretty monotonous casting, considering we just got done with a season that had THREE Olympic skaters on it.  Then there’s the matter of it basically being Meryl & Maks 2.0, which I don’t personally find very exciting. But we shall see…

Now onto probably the most interesting and concrete evidence we’ve encountered so far: actor Juan Pablo Di Pace, who plays Fernando on Netflix’s Fuller House, recently started following both Cheryl and the DancingABC Instagram accounts:

Recent follows of both DWTS as well as one of the pros is historically a pretty strong indicator that someone is probably one of the celebs; additionally, he’s part of the same ABC family that gave us Candace and Jodie, so he’s basically low-hanging casting fruit.  I’m already hearing some talk of him being a “ringer”, but haven’t had a chance to investigate more thoroughly; if he is, this is probably William Levy 2.0…I just hope he’s legitimately good, as I only ever found William’s dancing to be decent, and not as gushworthy as the judges made it out to be.

Then there’s the good ol’ scheisty Russian paparazzi site, who managed to capture some pix of Witney’s partner leaving the studio…who’s going to spend hours comparing his legs to that of various celebrities??? Not I, said the Courtney 😉 His legs look young and Caucasian. Have fun searching for that needle in a haystack 😛

Finally, there’s recent, frequent DWTS audience member Sarah Michelle Gellar, who I had speculated about before.  She posted a picture in what looked to be activewear on Thursday, along with a bit of a coy caption:


Think that mischief might be dance-related? 😉 I sure hope so.

UPDATE #1, 9/1/18, 7:55 PM EST: And already we have some new developments. Someone apparently heard Savannah Chrisley (of Chrisley Knows Best) mention somewhere that she and her family “are going to be in L.A. for awhile”, and apparently her dad Todd was seen walking around Laguna Beach today in an ensemble which looks similar to what Witney’s mystery-partner-with-the-Caucasian-legs was wearing when he left the studio. You be the judge (see below).  It’s worth mentioning that Savannah herself has been a casting rumor in the past. Also, mere hours after this post went up, Juan Pablo appears to have unfollowed both DWTS and Cheryl on Instagram 😛 If we weren’t suspicious before, we sure are now…-Court-

UPDATE #2, 9/2/18, 4:14 PM EST: Ok guys, I love that you are getting excited and are pointing things out and hypothesizing and bouncing ideas off of each other (and me) – but my Twitter @mentions are currently a bit of a mess, with everything between “Do you think Todd changed his shoes??? The shoes are different!!!” (I’ll answer that with another question: have you only ever worn one outfit per day in your life, without changing anything?) to “Could Tony Romo be Lindsay’s partner???” (Hard no – works for a rival network, busy commentating football) to “Juan is too tall for Cheryl, could Jenna be his partner???” (Guys, IDK, and right now, I don’t really care – let’s figure out who’s in first, before we start assuming partnerships). I’ve had to step away from Twitter for a bit today, because it was getting to be a bit much to separate the good intel from the minutiae. But from what I’ve been able parse, a little bird told some of you that Artem’s partner was “going to challenge him like he’s not been challenged before!”, which led some of you to believe that he might be paired with blind Paralympic Alpine skier Danelle Umstead. She lives in Park City, and follows a bunch of the DWTS pros, as well as the @DancingABC Instagram account.  Little Bird also confirmed that Artem’s partner is NOT Tessa, which is a bit of a relief…I’m burnt out on skaters at the moment.

UPDATE #3, 9/3/18, 7:21 PM: Ok, so now we move onto Sharna, who some eagle-eyed fans (big ups to @ptxdwts & @haykambright – and anyone else who collaborated to send me screen shots) figured out was in Nashville based on a breakfast receipt posted to her IG story. There exists a preponderance of evidence, courtesy of screen shots from Sharna’s IG story and the IG story of Nashville-based radio host Bobby Bones, that they are paired together – see below. Contrary to Reality Steve’s tweet about Grocery Joe, I doubt he’s paired with Sharna – Joe appears to be in L.A., while Sharna’s in Nashville (along with another pro – confirmed that one herself). I’m getting Mike Catherwood vibes with this one, which probably means he’s not likely to last long 🙁 But props to him for trying!

UPDATE #4, 9/6/18, 6:06 PM EST: So a little birdie told me that there was a “pop singer who had been trained in dance her entire life” in this season’s cast – well it turns out our (not terribly self-aware) buddy Gleb followed singer Tinashe last night…and she seems to be all glammed up today, which happens to be the day of the promo shoot.  Y’all draw your own conclusions 😉

Update #5, 9/6/18, 8:32 PM: Ok, scratch Todd Chrisley. Thanks to some tenacious followers on Twitter, we may have unearthed another contestant.  Aforementioned little birdie also told me there was a “Disney guy” in this season’s cast – enter Milo Manheim, star of the Disney movie Zombies.  Us older folks may know his mother better than him – she’s actress Camryn Manheim, of Ally McBeal fame. He tweeted a few interesting things recently…and he’s following both Witney & Jenna on Instagram.  Hmmm… 😉

Update #6, 9/7/18, 1:34 PM EST: Meant to update this last night, but thought I better let this post breathe a bit first.  Alan shared in an IG story earlier in the week that he was the last pro to meet his partner – and looking at Alexis’ IG, it looks like she was in Japan until just a few days ago.  Alan also posted the photo below as a “hint” about his partner – looks like a photo shoot, no? One which a model might be at? 🙂

Update #7, 9/9/18, 1:21 PM EST: So someone asked Keo for a hint about his partner last night on Twitter – he offered up that his partner is “from Johannesburg”. It looks like Johannesburg-born, Australia-raised Pretty Little Liars actress Tammin Sursok has something cooking that she can’t wait to share with us…I’d say odds are good that she’s Keo’s partner.


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Have some BIG announcements coming in September. Finally! Can’t wait to share with you what we have been cooking up 🙌🏻❤️

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That’s all for now…will update with more as we see it 😉 If you spot something interesting, hit us up!