PureDWTS Season 27 Cast Rumors & Watchout: Is “Property Brother” Jonathan Scott Getting Ready to Dance?

Now this is a tricky one, because I can’t really tell if these outlets are just recycling through intel from past seasons, or if Jonathan is actually a possibility, considering both brothers were asked to do DWTS back in season 25 last fall, but Jonathan was too busy:

Jonathan Scott may be considering trading his work boots for dancing shoes.

The 40-year-old is being urged by brother Drew Scott to appear on the upcoming season of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars. Drew danced on the show in season 25 and made it to the finals.

Speaking with Hollywood Life about the show, Drew said: ‘Everyone wants to know. I’m pushing him. I want him to do it.’

The article goes on to talk about some good-natured rivalry between the brothers over who would do better on the show, and the Daily Mail parrots the same “no athletes this season” line that Good Housekeeping was reporting a month or so ago – which I’m extremely skeptical about, because I could see a season with zero athletes being…well, kind of boring, because having athletes guarantees you’ll have at least a few folks with the stamina & strength to do well. Athletes (particularly NFL stars) also seem to be open to the idea of DWTS, so if they’re cutting off that casting lifeline this season, good luck finding some halfway-decent competitors.  But I digress…

…do I think Jonathan is doing DWTS? Ehhh…I won’t say it’s a complete impossibility, because he was originally the brother they wanted for season 25; but it also feels a bit too recent to have Jonathan do the show and have it feel fresh & exciting.  Guess we’ll see…