DWTS Season 27, Week ONE – Dancing by the Numbers Retrospective

Okay, so I’ve been in Italy. And before that I was tied up with World of Dance and a heavy work load. But now I’m ready for DWTS. 🙂

Of course, before I can talk about the numbers, I have to actually watch the show.  Here are a few of my thoughts as I watched Night ONE:

  1. Who are all these people in the opening number? Don’t get me wrong – it was a good opening number, but I didn’t recognize ANYONE mainly because there were TOO MANY people.
  2. Brandon and Tinashe make a very gorgeous couple.
  3. Why do they have both lapel mics and desk mics on the judges?? Is it really necessary that we hear them that well when so much of what they say is utter BS?
  4. Milo is cuuuuute. But dang, Disney?? We have to have Disney every season?  Good dancer though!!
  5. Hold the fucking phone: Mary Lou gets a *7* from Len and Milo gets a 6?? Are we going to start the bullshit so soon??  And don’t get me started on Evanna. Len has always been the designated field leveler, but I don’t recall it being this obvious this soon.  Gotta keep the Disney kid and the Potter kid down and make this thing a competition.  There was NOTHING in Evanna’s dance that said 5. That is just unbelievable.
  6. Robert Roldan….::::SWOOOOONNNN::::  I luf him.
  7. Some of these contestants opening sound more scripted than usual.
  8. Sharna is the first pro to pull in the troupe this season…and possibly the first pro to NEED the troupe. Love the Nashville background though.
  9. Cheryl Burke looks amazing and it’s good to have her back in the ballroom.
  10. Nikki is pretty funny….but so completely unknown.
  11. Alexis dances better than most models….but we won’t find out until week 2 or 3 if she’s more Brooke Burke or Joanna Krupa.
  12. Very good first outing for Brandon.
  13. Demarcus Ware is HOT. And he may well win this season.

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