American Idol’s Danny Gokey on DWTS Season 9

According to the National Enquirer – and how reliable are they really?  Here what the Enquirer has to say:

“…He’s convinced he can win it!” says an insider. “Danny may even have to rehearse his dance routines on the road this summer, but the Dancing producers have said they’d work around his schedule.”

Danny will reportedly join DWTS as soon as the Idols Live Summer Tour wraps up in September. According to The Enquirer spy, the 29-year-old Milwaukee native will dedicate his run on Dancing to the memory of his late wife, Sophia, who passed away of congenital heart failure just four weeks before Danny auditioned for Idol.

I know I don’t really get a vote in this instance, but I vote no. 🙂  Between him and the oft rumored Donny Osmond…well, there go all the votes.

There is one huge problem with this idea – will a contract with 19E (the company that produces Idol and also manages a lot of the contestants) and a contract that is also now tied to RCA, if I read correctly that he got signed, allow him to compete on a reality show on a different network? Especially one that competes part of the year with the show he recently got booted off?  Having previously been a fan of idol and one who follows some of their “practices”, my guess would be not a chance.  But it’s been while since I followed the Idol management and recording contracts – maybe once the tour is over he’s free. I have no idea.

In any case, the way this is written, they’ve tied it all together very neatly. They recognize that September it too late to get started with DWTS rehearsal so they throw in the comment about practicing on the road. Totally not a fan of this idea. Are you? Speak up.

Danny Gokey
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