DWTS Season 9 Cast – Rumor and Innuendo

Well, you know, I called this one a few weeks ago!!  Lou Ferrigno on DWTS – I mentioned it on June 30th.  Yeah, until it comes out of Tom B’s mouth on August 17th, several grains of salt are being consumed.  🙂

 Also, going way out on a limb, I’m going to predict Jordan Knight of New Kids on the Block. Why? Just random tweets, including those from Jordan himself. I could be way off base. We’ll see.

New Kids On The Block Performs On NBCs Today  

I’ve also seen twitter campaigns for Dean McDermott (aka Mr. Tori Spelling) taking shape.  What the campaigners don’t realize is that it isn’t up to Dean, it’s up to the producers.  But hey, I want David Duchovny or Adrian Grenier on DWTS, so I can’t pick on them.  🙂

Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott at Nobu in Malibu

As David points out in the comments, there is also a growing campaign for Beth Horn (aka Venom) from American Gladiators to be on the show.  I really don’t know that these campaigns actually work. Does Beth Horn WANT to be on DWTS? Does Dean McDermott? That, and getting the producers to buy it, are two big things standing in the way. But, good luck and happy campaigning. 🙂