DWTS Result Show Week 1 – The Power of the Pen

A word to all viewers in the middle Tennessee area – or at least those of you who get DWTS on WKRN Channel 2. YOU WILL NOT BE SEEING the first half of the results show tonight because News 2 is broadcasting the Titans on 2 with Jeff Fisher. WTF, you might be saying? Yes, that is what I just said to a very nice lady who answered the phone at WKRN. She was sympathetic, but she says they are under contract with Jeff Fisher and they can’t avoid airing it. Apparently they can’t air it later at night because of said contract, because I asked. She also told me that DWTS has to give permission to re-air a show in its entirety later in the evening. Whether News 2 hasn’t asked, or DWTS refused, I have no idea. That’s Messed UP – those who watch News 2 will get the irony.

I am writing this blog to be helpful to other viewers, but also to put the utter and complete stupidity of this plan out there on the net. The only way to change things is to get pissed off and loud about it (ask Tom Delay). I often do this with regards to politics – I’m rather surprised that I have to for DWTS. Maybe Tom Delay was an omen. The nice lady on the phone put most of the blame on DWTS, of course, for not giving them a schedule or scheduling one thing and then changing – but ya know, that’s the freakin’ network and DWTS got 17.8 million viewers on Monday night. What the hell is wrong with a local station that locks themselves into local programming contracts that can affect a major network show? What business model said that was a good idea?

Heh – she’s already gotten quite a few calls. She told me she’s expecting quite the deluge at 7 pm. NO DOUBT. So…someone tweet me when they call Derek and Joanna, and Kelly and Louie safe, because odds are good I won’t get to see it, unless they make both couples sweat.

Also – I seriously doubt that WKRN is the only ABC affiliate that has a silly little plan like this one, so all of you with an NFL Team in your town and a local show where the coach talks about last weekend’s game better check your local listings. And then join me crying in my beer.