Is UFC Champ Tito Ortiz Up For DWTS Season 16??

If you don’t know, Tito Ortiz is a UFC champ who recently retired. Tito talks at length about bullying and fighting against it – fantastic cause. At the end of the discussion, of COURSE Access Hollywood has to ask him if he would consider doing DWTS. It’s SO random, that I have to wonder if they were prompted to ask. Anyway, at first he’s like “oh, I took a little interest in it” but as he goes on it sounds like he’d like to show Chuck Liddell how it’s done and he said he always told his fans that if he did it would be after he retired…and he’s now retired. So…who knows? We’ve had more than one celebrity respond to a random question like this in a somewhat vague manner who then ended up being on the show that season.

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What do you think?? And do you think that this is just a coincidence?? 😀  Derek is the only reason I know who Tito is, him being a massive UFC fan and all.