Lance Armstrong Turns Down Dancing With The Stars

First Lindsay Lohan and now Lance Armstrong? 😯 I didn’t mind the thought of Lindsay dancing, but, I’m drawing the line at Lance dancing on Dancing With The Stars. Please, let’s hope Lance doesn’t change his mind. Below is more from Entertainment Weekly. If you’d like to read more, see the link.

Lance Armstrong may not be able to race the Tour de France again. But ABC definitely wants him on Dancing With the Stars.

Sources say the ABC reality hit offered the former professional cyclist a spot on the upcoming spring edition of the veteran reality series. Armstrong declined.

Though the network approached Armstrong before his recent doping confession, we suspect Armstrong’s high-profile interview with Oprah Winfrey hasn’t dulled the network’s interest.

Heidi: This is seriously out of control. All we’re hearing about is people who are trainwrecks saying no. Should I be thankful? Should I be worried that they will find someone WORSE?? The article claims they asked him pre-confession, but still. This is how we’re going to pursue Season 16?? Come ON, producers. Who’s next? People in Jail? Dancing with the Criminally Insane??