DWTS11 Pro Casting Rumors – Jackie Josephs?

While the casting rumors for next season are still slow going this early in the summer hiatus, I did stumble across something interesting the other day while wasting time on facebook…there’s a group gunning hard to get Chicago-based ballroom dancer Jackie Josephs signed on next season as one of the pros. 

Now normally I don’t put much stock in pro casting rumors (as we’ve witnessed through the show’s 10-season run, it’s really a crap shoot who makes it on a certain season and who doesn’t), but I think this one might actually have some merit to it for a few reasons.  First off, her former professional partner (and current business partner in the highly successful studio they own) is Jesse DeSoto, one of the pros from season 3 (paired with Shanna Moakler…they were the second couple eliminated.) Secondly, she’s been coached by 3 of the pros on the show: Corky, Tony, & Maks.  Third, her costume sponsor is Designs by Randall, the same company that makes all of the costumes for the show, and Randall Christensen himself has already vocalized his support for Jackie getting on the show on her facebook page.  On top of that, she’s good friends with Mark – I’ve seen more than a few TMZ videos of Mark out at restaurants/clubs after hours with Jackie in his entourage.  Seems to me like she’s already got several “ins” with the show, and may actually have a decent chance of getting hired on this coming season.

What do you guys think? Wishful thinking on the part of her fans, or a legit possibility?