DWTS, Season 11, Week 6 – Media Before the Show Tonight

We have a couple of things to share before the show tonight to get you pumped up. 🙂

First up, Kyle and Lacey are adding an “Interesting Twist” to their Tango! Here is what TV Guide is reporting in a new interview with Kyle.

TVGuide.com: How’s the tango going?Massey: The tango is going pretty well. It’s just strenuous and continuous. It’s probably one of the hardest weeks, but it’s necessary to win. You’re in hold a lot in the tango, and there’s a lot of technical moves you must do in order to make it a tango. I think just the footwork — the backsteps, the ball-change and the turns — is the hardest. You can never move your frame when you do them. Your posture has to be up and out, and everything has got to be perfectly straight.

TVGuide.com: It’s Rock ‘n’ Roll week, so I’m assuming you have a rock song. Is it weird to do a tango to a rock song?Massey: It actually works! It works very, very well. Once you see it, you’re going to say, “That’s very cool.” It’s a very interesting twist to the tango. We always try to have a story, like a love-hate relationship sort of thing, but I think this week is probably the most unique because of the way we did it. … The usage of the stage — we use the full stage. We really have a lot of attitude in our performance with our grabs and holds and pulls. Everything’s really intense, but at the same time, it’s like a flowing dance. I can’t explain it well. It’s really rough, rugged and hard and sharp, and then it flows.

And here is what he said on the marathon dance.

TVGuide.com: What are you focused on for the marathon? Are you nervous to do two dances?Massey: Nah! It’s necessary. This is a competition. I’m totally ready for it. I think you have to really perform in the marathons. It’s not so much about dancing, but it’s more about performing. I think when we go out there, we just have to out-perform everyone. We’re going to throw some cool moves in there and we can do lifts. It’s like a whole different ballgame. I’m going to see what I can do!

Maks and Brandy attended “The Carousel of Hope Event” in Hollywood this past weekend. Maks had high praises for it at Twitter saying, “I rarely leave an event with such happy feelings. Loved EVERYTHING about tonight! @4everBrandy looked amazing , btw 🙂 “. And she did! Check her out in this new video from Access Hollywood of Brandy talking about tonight’s dances.

They also talked to ET On-line. Here is a snippet. You can also see a video at the link.

During rehearsal, Brandy asks Maks how he feels about spending so much time together perfecting their routines. “Next question please,” he jokes, then adds, “Just kidding! I love our time together. It’s confusing for the most part, because we have hot-cold, extra-hot, extra-cold, cry, laugh — all within five minutes, so it’s really fun. … It’s been a pleasant and a great experience.”

“That’s sweet; I feel the same way about you,” replies the R&B star, “but I want to know this: Do you think I talk too much?”

“Yes. No,” answers Maks with a laugh.

Concerning their current status at the top of the leader board, Brandy comments, “Maks said to me yesterday, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,’ so we’re just going to keep doing what we’re doing. … Top of the leader board feels great. There’s just pressure now to stay consistent and to stay on top, so that’s what we’re working hard to do.”

But is Brandy ready to take on the Tango? “Maks thinks I’m a little too nice for the Tango ’cause it has the aggressive side of it, so I have to get in touch with that side of myself,” she explains. “Every week I’ve been trying to channel different parts of myself.”

Maks says doing the Tango requires a little bit of “method acting,” saying, “Same thing with the Tango and the Paso and the Rumbas, those emotional dances, they have to be lived.”

The couple also faces the marathon dance tonight, which Maks says is a mixture of the Jive, Swing, Lindy Hop “and all that,” and the judges are looking for “a clean, professional dance, so we’re going to stay away from gimmicky stuff.”

I hope Brandy won’t be “too nice” for their Tango. 😮

Rick and Cheryl also talked with Access Hollywood. They know there is no room for mistakes. Be sure to read more at the link.

“There’s no clear front-runner – everything changes every single week,” Cheryl told Access, at a rehearsal with Rick on Friday. “Anyone can go home at this point. So the pressure’s definitely on for sure.

“We have to make sure we nail every step — there’s no room for mistakes now,” she added.

The dashing duo is furiously rehearsing for their upcoming Argentine Tango performance – a dance that Rick found challenging when the couple originally performed it two weeks ago.

While Rick and Cheryl’s height difference has proven to be to be a challenge for the couple (Rick is reportedly 6’ 7”, while Cheryl reportedly measures a mere 5’ 4”), it just may come in handy next week, when the dancers will be allowed to add “tricks” to their routines.

“What we have over every couple is lifts,” Cheryl told Access. “[Rick] has done lifts before with me in the Argentine tango.

“I definitely feel safe in his arms, so that’s a good sign!” she laughed.

Here is Audrina and Brandy talking to MTV on their dances tonight.

From Audrina’s new blog at People today. Be sure to read more at the link.;

This week is rock-themed on Dancing with the Stars, and my partner Tony Dovolano and I are dancing to “Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen. I love classic rock, so it’s really fun! We’re doing the paso doble, and Tony’s starting to push the limits by making our choreography super challenging. So we’ve been working really, really hard in the studio.

We’re actually doing two dances this week. I’m also learning a second dance for the marathon, where all seven couples take the dance floor at the same time to perform a minute-long routine over and over for four minutes. Whenever a couple starts to struggle or get tired, the judges tap them out of the competition. The last couple dancing gets ten points added to their score for the day.

The dance Tony and I are doing for the marathon is completely different from the paso doble. It’s a combination of the jive, the Lindy hop, and another dance. It’s really fast and there are lots of lifts and flips. Meanwhile, the paso doble is very intense and aggressive. We’re going to be stomping our feet a lot and looking kind of mad and sultry. The other dance we’re hopping around, having fun and smiling. They’re completely different!

It’s really hard learning two dances at once. Plus, it’s beyond the halfway point in the competition now, and all this hard work is finally starting to hit me. My whole body just feels sore and achy. I feel completely exhausted. It’s really starting to get hard!

At the same time, I’m really happy to make it this far! I honestly didn’t imagine that I would make it to the halfway point. I didn’t know that I could do any of this, so it’s really exciting. But there’s also a lot more pressure and nerves because I know it’s only going to get harder from here.

Don’t forget Audrina and Tony are on The Ellen Show on ABC today before the show where they will be interviewed and do a dance as well.

Lastly today, we want to remind everyone to VOTE for your favorite pro-dancers or who you’d like to see dance in the show’s “Design a Dance” Competition. Voting is open until Thursday, October 28th at 9AM PT.

Ok, that is it for now Dancettes!! More later and don’t forget to get your reviews ready of the show tonight for the new “Power Rankings” post that will be posted after the show!! 😉