Kym Johnson and Lacey Schwimmer Campaign For The Next Cast Of Dancing With The Stars

This past week, Lacey Schwimmer attended the Critics Choice Awards as we reported to you earlier. But, Kim Johnson was there too along with Dmitry Chaplin. While attending the event, they were asked on who they’d like to see dance on the show. Kym picked actor George Clooney and Lacey picked Jon Heder from “Napolean Dynamite”. I’ve never heard of Jon, but, wow to the thought of George Clooney dancing on the show. He’d be sexy, classy, and such a charmer, eh? He’d couple so well with Kym too. I can see it now…and yes, I am dreamin’! Please make it happen Dancing With The Stars producers. 😀 Below is a take from The Insider. You can view them in a video at the link too. More pics of Kym and Lacey at the Critics Choice Awards here.

“Dancing with the Stars” champ Kym Johnson represented for the hit reality show at the Critics’ Choice Television Awards in Beverly Hills, dishing on her picks for next season’s cast.

“I want George Clooney,” Kym blurted. Lacey Schwimmer chimed in, saying, “I’ll take a funny guy. I want, like, Jon Heder from ‘Napolean Dynamite.'”

Speaking of Kym and Lacey, below is a picture Lacey tweeted from June 18th as backup singers to young dancer in training, GiGi. I searched for more info for what brought the three together and left empty handed. If someone knows more, please let us know.