Behind The Scenes Of The Dancing With The Stars 13 Title Photoshoot Yesterday

Ok, so this may not be much, but, here are a couple of “behind the scenes” pictures of the Dancing With The Stars Title Shoot yesterday. Kristin, Nancy, and Chynna posted these pictures at their twitter accounts. These may or may not be the costumes they are wearing, but, it’s fun to wonder on. Also, it will get Courtney’s photographic memory going for the Who Wore It Better posts in case these costumes have been used before. Again, these may or may not be the costumes they will be photographed in. Stay tuned, as Courtney stated in the new Pairings Post this morning, “If this season follows the pattern of previous seasons, the Title photos will be released either tomorrow or Friday.” Time will soon tell.

So, what do you think?

I have to say this color of green looks spectacular on Chynna if this is what she wore. She wore a similar green for the Cast Announcement Monday night. She definitely has a “Spring” fashion personality.

How about this dress for Nancy Grace? Too dramatic or just right?

Kristin would look dazzling in this gold number….and especailly if she matches it with the right gold or nude colored pumps.

Adding: And below is what Ricki tweeted on her Title dress. Stunning. She will look beautiful in black.

Hope Solo in a dark maroon glittery number. Wow, classy!

JR and Karina: Come on JR! Can’t you show us more?

Elisa in a white sparkly number having fun!

More Hope. This time looking intense with Maks!

More Ricki!! Here’s the dress she decided on….

Chaz and Lacey looking quite dashing!!

Chynna and Nancy teasing us again!

And finally, Carson and Anna…