Dancing With The Stars Interview Round-Up ‘After The Results’ Week 1

ET and Access Hollywood has some fun interviews posted of the couples reaction after the Results were announced which I’ll go through below. But, be sure to visit On The Red Carpet for their interviews as well >>>>HERE. As always, George gets deep and the couples reveal a little on their dances next week!

First up, Elisabetta and Val!! They are so excited and relieved to be coming back! They thank everyone including everyone who voted in Italy. Val comments how next week will be completely different for props. They will be smaller than a bed and he plans to keep his shirt on (LOL!).

Chaz and Lacey go through the motions of how nervous they were during the elimination. Shaun comments that she had never seen a cast run up to a fellow cast member and give them lots of support when they were announced safe like they did with Chaz last night. I never have either. Way cool!!

Chynna tells Shaun how much her knees were shaking last night. Tony prepared her and said you can never count that you are safe on Results night, but, they are so relieved. Tony says his “crown jewels” are fine and he’s bought a cup for extra protection (LOL!!).

Nancy was sweating like never before last night. Her hands even shook like they did during her first trial. Tristan comments that you have to dance like it’s your last and just savor each moment on Dancing With The Stars even though the results show can be agonizing.

Below is David and Kym talking about their survival and the pressure and tension they put into the results show. They also discussion his good luck charm and his abs.

Be sure to see this interview round up too. It’s good!! Thanks to Heidi for this one!!

So, that is that!! Here’s to next weeks show. In the meantime, stay tuned for more news, interviews, etc….and, of course, Heidi and Court’s yummy Cheesecake that they are mixing and baking as I type!!! 🙂